Aston Martin DB5 007 Goldfinger

Hollis, NY 11423
United States

1900 Aston Martin DB5
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ASTON MARTIN DB5 007 GOLD FINGER. This is a special effects promotional vehicle that was created from an Aston Martin DB4 & DB5. This vehicle was found in 36 inches of mud & covered by mud. leaves & branches, by a friend of George Barris that told him where he was able to find this vehicle. George sent Andy Perillo, George's East Coast representative to locate and purchase this vehicle from one of the original builders of this vehicle at the factory. This vehicle was considered to have been .....
owned by Aston Martin and used as an experimental race car. George had explained that this car had allegedly been used in one of the scenes of the movie Goldfinger. Andy Perillo restored the vehicle to its former glory as it appeared in Goldfinger and George Barris used it for a promotional vehicle. This vehicle then was converted to a remote control effects vehicle and had been used by 100's shows, IN & OUT SIDE USA. one of them was the History Channel TV show called Bond Gagets and was filmed for the TV movie show called Hollywood Gagets and was completed late October 2017. The car continues to travel in and out of the United States. George Barris held the licensing from the studio since early 1960s to display one of the original vehicles. According to George, the studio had found this car to be an amazing restoration but was disappointed that the DB6 engine was not installed. Andy Perillo eventually found a low mileage DB6 engine and transmission, but to this day it has never been installed. Asking $1,200,000. Call 718-309-6076 or email

198-29 Jamaica ave
Hollis NY 11423
United States

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