1983 Kentucky Car Hauler Semi Trailer

Jefferson, WI 53549
United States

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1983 Kentucky Car Hauler Semi Trailer This trailer spent most of its life as a display trailer for a tee-shirt company. It roamed the West Coast, spending most of its time in California. In 2015, it was acquired by a man from Idaho. He transformed it into a hauler that is capable of hauling all kinds of cars, pulling vehicles and equipment. I purchased it in 2016 to use for show cars. I am a classic car dealer and felt it would be handy to have a trailer like this to display three of my .....
show cars. I usually have a semi-tractor around to pull it. The lack of car shows over the past two summers and the end of my drag racing career has caused me to offer it for sale. In 2015, the transformation began with a never rusty trailer. It was completely refurbished. New axles, wheels and tires were installed. New air ride suspension was installed. All new lines and wiring was installed. A Diamond Tread Aluminum floor was installed and E-track rails were added from front to back. The trailer walls were already designed for E-track, so some beams were purchased for double decking purposes. All new lighting was installed. There are 15 LED interior lights and two 500 watt halogen exterior lights. There is 110 power outlets both inside and out. The power comes from a Honda EV 4000 generator that is mounted ahead of the axles. It has an inside control panel and electric start. There is an 80 gallon fuel tank for the generator. A new 12000 pound winch was mounted in the front of the trailer. The battery is connected to a hot line for charging by the tractor. The same battery powers a hydraulic lift that pivots ramps. The ramps are attached to the rear of the 5th wheel deck and allows for one vehicle to be elevated enough for another to be positioned beneath. As a result, this trailer will haul three cars. There is a remote control for the winch, as well as a wired control. There is a wired control for the lift. The trailer is 96” x 45 feet. The interior dimensions are 94 inches x 118 inches at the rear door. There is 34’3” of main deck and 11’ above the fifth wheel. The ramps of the hoist add 8 more feet. The load height is 28 inches. The air ride suspension has a dump valve. There are exterior Aluminum ramps that have a capacity of 10,000 pounds each. They are hinged and fold against the rear doors. A winch pulls them up and in to the doors. These ramps measure 16 feet long and there is a set of auxiliary ramps that measure 5 feet. This allows for a very shallow ramp angle that can load even low riding vehicles without any hangup. The trailer has a pair of large swing doors on the road side and three pair of swing doors on the curb side. This offers lots of access for loading and tie down. They provide great vantage for showing off your load. The axles are new and set up for hub pilot wheels. The tires are radial 235/75/17.5. They were all new in 2015. It can’t have 20000 miles on it since it was set up. I doubt I have pulled it 500 miles. The trailer was completed repainted in 2015. There are a few spots where the paint has lifted, so some touch up could be required. The landing gear and wheels are in great looking condition. I am going to include a boat load of straps, E-track fixtures and just about anything it would take to secure three vehicles in the trailer. Also included are cabinets within the trailer and an air hose on a reel. A full set of matching padlocks will also be included. The man from Idaho invested $50,000 plus a lot of his own time to refurbish this trailer. I am asking less than half that. It will make a great trailer for hauling cars, pulling vehicles or equipment. Just show up with the cash and you can hook on and pull it anywhere you wish.
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