The 1947 Dodge Heavy-Duty Truck

Tad Burness
Style-wise, the 1947 Dodge heavy-duty conventional trucks resembled the 1947 Dodge pickups but were somewhat larger. This particular Dodge truck styling cycle had continued since 1939, with only minor changes.
In 1948, Dodge trucks were to be dramatically restyled with an all-new postwar look. Chevrolet and Ford trucks also restyled for 1948. But strangely, Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford cars were not restyled until the 1949 season, even though cars were frequently restyled in advance of their truck counterparts.
This 1947 Dodge heavy-duty model is considerably scarcer than the smaller pickup version. And, after the mid-1970s, Dodge pickups continued with success, but their heavy models were dropped. Dodge left the heavy-duty market to others, particularly to the specialists in that field, like International, Mack, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, etc.
In 1975, International did just the opposite from what Dodge did; International built its last pickup, van and wagon that year, and built nothing but heavy-duty models after that (with the exception of its sport-utility Scout, which it offered from 1961 to 1980).
Because Dodge now offers engines as large as its big V-10, that powerful multi-cylinder unit could be used in some new series of "heavies" should Dodge choose to build them in the future.
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