1926 Ford T-Bucket Track T Roadster

Fort Worth, TX 76137
United States

1926 Ford
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Slick, speedy, and an overall thoughtful build, this 1926 Ford T-Bucket Track-T Roadster is quite fun. It has the classic hot rod silhouette, but it takes its racing pedigree seriously with smooth lines everywhere and a stylish race-ready interior. And there is an attention to detail everywhere from the custom pinstriping to the quick-change rear end.

The cool streamlined nose marks the ""Track T"" look that came from the dirt track racers. And this one even has .....
classic racing wheels. But this sleek machine looks like it barely ever touched rough blacktop. The bright orange paint is a professional application that really shows off the sleekness of this all-steel body. And the detailed build includes a color-matched frame that has a rounded style that tucks under the car with the kind of smoothness you get on a channeled look. So it's a well-engineered package, but you'll also like some style within this substance. The low-cut windshield with chrome supports and hand-painted pinstriping is pure cruiser-level cool.

The interior feels like it's pure racecar cool. The bare aluminum for the floors, doors, and dash has an attractive simplicity. And we love the details like the vintage four-spoke steering wheel and speed holes drilled into the shifter. They also took the time to give you the right amenities, like a nicely covered bench seat and the right essential info from the crisp Omega Kustom Instruments.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter GM motor. And if you know Ford racing history, then this all makes sense. The Frontenac head cover is a fun tribute to the special OHV cylinder head that the Chevrolet Brothers developed to make Ford's model T-motors much better performers. So this OHV Chevy powerhouse in this Track-T is a fun way to unite the true racing history. You even have great classic pieces like the Zenith carburetor and a Clifford intake. And as vintage as this motor setup is, you also have newer components, like the aluminum radiator. It's a nice sign that this is a roadster you were meant to drive. That's why the motor fires up eagerly, it runs strong, the exhaust sounds terrific, and the four-speed shifts smoothly. And for that last touch of vintage fun, you even have a recently rebuilt Frankland quick-change rear end.

This hot rod is a thoughtful build with plenty of eye-catching appeal. Call today!!!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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