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1926 Ford T-Bucket Turbo Roadster

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1926 Ford
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This 1926 Ford T-Bucket loves to be different. You see it everywhere from the twin turbo V8 to the right-hand drive interior. And the way that this speedy patina build is also done with such high quality makes the full package irresistible. The body is fiberglass, and there's less than 250 miles on the whole build. But you might have not known that from the first impression. This one revels in the rat rod personality so well that they made the body look like an aged patina machine. And the .....
real thoughtfulness of this one is in the details. You see it up front where the shock tower brace has cool flamework cut through the center. And the intakes for the twin turbos are there to look like the classic King Bee headlights (your bright LEDs almost look like part of the radiator in their custom alloy housings.) The channeling of the body is so expertly done that this looks like it's almost floating - especially when you raise the rear air ride suspension. And so as you look over the whole car, you can really start to see how they sweated the details to make something truly unique. In a roadster that seems to always answer the question ""Why not?"" it seems only fitting to have it in right-hand drive. Leather bucket seats, full gauges, and a sports steering wheel all correctly cover the basics. And just like the exterior, you'll love all the details. There's plenty of bravado with the flame-like aluminum door panels with red back-lighting, and the gearshift has a brass knuckle-style top. Plus, we know you'll love the way the windshield fully glows at night. The motor has the same cool style as the rest of the car. Plenty of patina and exposed welds makes it fit in with the rat rod crowd. But you also know there's so much more going on here. It's a 4.8-liter V8 with aluminum heads and FiTech fuel injection. Plus, those twin turbos have an awesome style as they provide awesome power. And you can even tell it's built right with the large intercooler mounted in front of the aluminum radiator. It's a strong motor that makes a thunderous growl out of the open exhaust. While this is a true wild machine, the three-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel power disc brakes are there to help you keep it all under your control. Complete with title documentation, it's hard not to love something this unique looking and awesomely powerful. But the only problem is with a one-of-a-kind right now may be your only chance to ever get it in your garage. Call today!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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