1927 Ford Roadster TrakTee

Phoenix, AZ 85204
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1927 Ford
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This 1927 Ford Roadster Track T is a sleek and thoughtful build. After all, you have some nice classic custom car features like flame-kissed paint and four-one-the-floor. But there are also nice updates for better driving like fuel injection and a removable hardtop.

The cool streamlined nose is a hallmark of the ""Track T"" speedster look that came from the dirt track racers. But this cool classic looks more aged to perfection rather than spending any time in the .....
dirt. In fact, while this is a fiberglass build, it has the right look of maturity that will give some people a true modified Model T first impression. And we like the look of the glossy yellow paint, well-done flames, rear pinstriping, and bright two-piece wheel covers. There are even thoughtful details, like the exhaust heat shield under the driver's door and how the salmon color of the wheels is also on the axles and frame. Plus, the color-matched hardtop coordinates, right down to the flames.

The exterior salmon continues on the inside, and so you just know this looks best as a real roadster. You have some cool classic competition-minded pieces, like the removable four-spoke steering wheel and the Stewart Warner auxiliary readouts. And there are even some nice later updates, like the Hurst shifter and Sun tach. But you'll also appreciate a commitment to a touch of comfort with the good carpeting, seatbelts, and comfy padding on the bench seat.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter GM motor. We like this because it has a hardy reputation in vehicles like the Chevy S-10. It has the right kind of torque to move this light fiberglass machine with authority, and the wrapped header lets the exhaust make a nice tune. Plus, the throttle body fuel injection delivers more modern practicality to the full package. Best of all, you are in full control with the four-speed manual transmission. And as much as this looks like a true classic, there are also the right features for more enjoyable driving. The clear headlights have integrated turn signals, there are front disc brakes, and the tires are modern BF Goodrich T/As. So while this may not be your next commuter car, you might be surprised at your willingness for road trips in this Track T.

Complete with build receipts, this is the slick T-based Speedster that has power, distinction, and a great price. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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