1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1931 Ford
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We like the Ford Model A because it's one of those great classics that doesn't discriminate. It was born the everyman car with a touch of style. And this example loves to run and show, and so it upholds that feeling today.

The tudor sedan is one of the best ways to enjoy the Model A. The fully enclosed cabin is part of what made these a leap over the Tin Lizzy, but it does not lose its iconic presence that symbolizes the dawn of the automotive age. The two-tone blue and black paint .....
keep it looking period correct, while at the same time, it gives this classic a nice impression of sophistication. It's especially when the sunlight hits it to give two deep colors a true distinction. You can tell the level of attention that has gone into this Ford by the details like the yellow pinstripe that matches the wire wheels, and the excellent condition of the vinyl roof. But what will really make people take notice are the great details like all the correct brightwork, sun visor, and full spare wheel attached to the rear.

Open the door and you'll see the seats, door panels, and headliner have been refreshed with a great-looking but classic mohair. Everything feels authentic from the classic four-spoke steering wheel to the bright instrument panel. You do get a few nice additions like the turn signals and a newer amp meter. But no one has tried to ruin this time machine atmosphere with bulky aftermarket parts like air conditioning or a radio. Instead, this thoroughly correct interior means raising the front windshield and rolling down the side windows to get your ventilation the way families did a few generations ago.

The engine is part of the Model A's terrific reputation. The classic 200 cubic-inch motor has a long-standing reputation for robustness, and there's a passion for these that keep spares and repairs quite easy. This one even goes one step further with an upgrade to a 12-volt electrical system and an alternator. That means for a far more pleasant car to drive. In fact, the way this one runs and the three-speed manual transmission shifts so smoothly, you can tell this is the kind of classic that wants to hit the road.

Great colors, comfy style, and an affordable price - this is the right Model A for those people who love driving their history. If that's you, it's time to hurry up and call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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