1932 Packard Deluxe Eight 904 5/7 Passenger Sedan

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1932 Packard
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For sale and on display at the St. Louis Car Museum is a stunning 1932 Packard Deluxe Eight 904 5/7 Passenger Sedan with a Maroon finish that is highly complimented by a beautiful Tan interior! This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a show ready CCCA Full Classic that makes for a perfect addition to any collection.

History About Packard's Deluxe Eight 904 5/7 Passenger Model:
Packard's continued domination in the American luxury car market was further emphasized in 1932 with .....
the introduction of chassis and engine improvements, making all models both smoother and quieter! These changes came from a redesign of the chassis to utilize a double drop frame that was also 2” longer allowing the bodies to sit lower to the ground, in addition to a revised Bijur chassis lubrication system that now automatically lubed 40 points on the Deluxe chassis. It also incorporated special stabilizer bumpers to better absorb wheel vibrations, and a dual-piece prop shaft was adopted with a rubberized carrier bearing to further reduce engine vibration and road noise. Engine compression was upped to 6.0:1 increasing horsepower to 135hp along with new rubber engine mounts and larger air cleaner to quiet the action of the Detroit Lubricator carburetor, both aiding further noise reduction.

Only two select 904 body styles were available with 7-passenger accommodations on a slightly longer 147.5” Deluxe chassis, their differences being only an interior partition glass divider window. The resulting Deluxe Eight 904 chassis was truly superb! Only 700 Deluxe Eight 904 Sedans were built, with this particular example being virtually all original with a documented ownership history from new! A superb candidate for Preservation & Survivor Class judging! A CCCA Full Classic!

About Our Available Classic Packard For Sale:
This 1932 Packard Deluxe Eight 904 5/7-Passenger Sedan was purchased new by Rudolph & Florence D. from Brooklyn, NY on December 10th, 1932. They were an affluent family with Rudolph being a successful attorney, raising a large family of 11 children. Sadly, Mr. Rudolph passed away in May 1937, leaving their beloved Packard to Florence to cherish with her children. It would be used most at their New Hampshire estate, where it remained stored in a wonderful carriage house. When Florence passed in December 1954, the Packard continued to remain with the family and looked after carefully in honor of their mother, even having the original engine professionally rebuilt by Richard Knight of Rockport, MA in 1989. In 2005, the decision was made that the car would be given to the estate caretaker as a gift.

This caretaker, living in nearby Maine, would continue to enjoy this special Packard 904 Sedan in parades, children's weddings, and special events through February 2010. He was already aware of a passionate collector from Andover, Massachusetts named Bob Castignetti, who had always wanted the Packard since first lying eyes on it in the summer of 1971. This collector was introduced to the car through his priest that had married him and his wife that year. Small talk of his desire to own a Packard led him to the Errol, NH estate to meet Francis Dämm, daughter of the original owners. The family was kind enough to show him the Packard, but had no intentions to let it go just yet. He made a simple request to be notified if the car was ever to be sold, that he be called for an opportunity to own it. That chance meeting that day created a continued relationship with the family for many years, with conversations commonly ending with subtle suggestions that he still wanted the classic Packard. You can imagine his dismay when he learned they simply gave it away some 34 years later!

Luckily, the caretaker made good on the request after his time with the car was done, finally selling it to Mr. Castignetti in February 2010. A dream fulfilled after 39 years, Bob's enthusiasm for this all original, untouched Packard remained ecstatic! His stewardship for this exceptional Packard was steadfast, and it continues to run and drive quite wonderfully today! He would pass along his ownership in 2019, and the St. Louis Car Museum would acquire it exactly one year later in June 2020.

This beautiful classic Packard has never been repainted as it wears the original finish applied by the hands of the Packard craftsmen, as well as a completely original, factory-upholstered interior! Outside of an engine overhaul some 30 years ago, newer tires installed by the estate caretaker and routine maintenance over the years, this 98,532 mile Packard remains original! The opportunity to see it firsthand is just delightful! Included with this Deluxe Eight will be family photographs of the times they used the Packard for summer trips between their Brooklyn residence to the Errol estate in the summers. Even images of the Packard sitting proudly road side while they visited Mount Washington on vacation, with stops to explore, rest at area hotels, and visit communities along the way. These black and white images show history when things moved at a far different pace than they do today. All available ownership history, some past registration records, license tags, etc. will be included inside two binders with the sale. We look forward to being a part of this Packard's adventure and hope the next lucky owners share it with the enthusiasm at CCCA events and Caravans, or even enter it into Concours events in Preservation Class. Our experts are sure this Packard beauty could easily bring home some deserving trophies!

To learn more about this Packard Deluxe Eight 904 for sale, contact Jon Faust at (800)957-5707 or by emailing info@stlouiscarmuseum.com. Finance & Shipping options available to those who qualify!

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Saint Louis MO 63301
United States
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