1939 Lincoln Zephyr

Seattle, WA 98133
United States

1939 Lincoln Zephyr
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1939 Lincoln Zephyr 4 Door Sedan. DGC057L VIN-C010305057L This is a stunning car and it is extremely rare. This is such a classy car, everything about it was probably about as nice as you could get in 1939. I was so impressed when I first saw this car. My dad had already bought the car and I took our flatbed down to pick it up. It was in a parking garage with a car cover over it, we took the cover off and I wasn't sure what to expect. First of all I couldn't believe what a beautiful car I was .....
looking at, then I opened the driver door and could hear the clock ticking away AND keeping time. I don't recall how long it had been sitting, but it fired right off. I was immediately surprised how well everything worked on my short drive back to the flatbed. I know I've seen Zephyrs in Museums, but I know for sure I've never had the opportunity to drive one. It is really cool to have a flathead V-12 and this is probably the only V-12 automobile that I've ever driven. We bought this car from a good customer of ours and he had owned it for about 2 years and unfortunately we had to buy it from his widow. The body is very straight and I don't recall seeing anything that looked like rust. The paint has a few chips and a there are a few brush touches in the drivers side front fender, so it's not a trailer queen, but it is stunning. It even has big wide white radial tires that look great and make it a better driver. I could go on and on about how cool it is but you need to see this one in person to appreciate it. The shifter is like no other one I've seen, is it a column shift or a floor shift?? Also has suicide doors. The coolness is off the charts on this car. Cond#2-

Seattle WA 98133
United States
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