1948 Dodge B1-D 1-Ton Pickup Wrecker

Lithia Springs, GA 30122
United States

1948 Dodge
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The 1948 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup Wrecker is a genuine workman that has a ton of vintage appeal. So look over every inch, because everything from the real patina to the real hand-crank tow harness gives this dually an authentic appeal.

Everyone loves the look of patina, especially when it's on a pickup with a fading business sign on the doors. But while some people pay thousands $$$$ to get this kind of appearance, it's believed that the full package is the genuine article. Oh yes, this was .....
the workhorse for Evers Motor Co. in the 1950s and 1960s. And since this spent plenty of time in Alabama's southern sun, and not wet or salty conditions, you have plenty of true patina on a very clean and complete metal body. This has quite a robust style with the push bumper, cab running lights, flasher roof lights, and dual rear wheels. Plus, the mini crane style appearance of the hand-crank tow winch is genuinely functional while also being pure old-school cool. And everything from the tires to the wood bed has a very cool barn find kind of vibe that's ideal for photo shoots and local shows. So we bet your local Dodge dealer would love to make friends with you. Of course, we'd also imagine you could upgrade the tires and put your own decal/magnet over the door art to showcase your business around town in a very unique way.

Inside, this one has that ideal feeling of a truck built for getting down to work. You get a robust bench seat, durable flooring, and larger trailering mirrors so you can see what you're towing. It all has the worn-in feeling that goes with the patina paint to where even the duct tape on the bench seat is charming (after all, this cover could have easily been replaced if they didn't really want to keep the workman theme.) The only real addition you're going to sport is a handy engine temp readout. The rest is just getting you in touch with a classic pickup vibe, right down to the grooves of the steel steering wheel.

Underneath the cool butterfly hood is another great marvel, the 230 cubic-inch inline-six. This is the correct displacement for a one-ton truck, and it was larger than the standard Dodge pickups. After all, a dually tow truck is going to get the big jobs done. It's a robust heart that has seen the right servicing to remain a surprisingly strong runner today. The four-speed manual transmission even has a strong non-synchro granny first gear. That means a robust setup that will give you real job-ready torque if you so desire.

Correct, authentic, and industrially attractive, this Dodge one-ton wrecker is the kind of patina classic you always hoped was out there. So you know you don't want to miss your chance at this one. Call today!!!

Lithia Springs GA 30122
United States
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