1953 MG TD

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1953 MG
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The traditional MG: Light, quick, with cut-down doors and flowing fenders, and that upright waterfall grille up front. Evolution was slow at The MG Car Company, but there's a reason why cars like this 1953 TD were brought home by the hundreds by GIs returning from Europe, and why they remain wildly popular today. 1953 was also the final year of the TD, and for many enthusiasts, the separate headlights and fenders define the vintage MG look. This particular example is first-class all the way, .....
the direct result of a comprehensive restoration that not only elevated the car to an excellent standard, but upgraded it with an overhauled 1500cc Inline-4 MG TF engine, a quick-shifting 5-speed gearbox, and dropdead gorgeous aesthetics. And with only 5 miles (that's not a type-o) on the entire build, this TD hasn't even had the chance to show off yet.

The look is pure pre-war, with separate fenders and a long hood, but the energetic handling and performance were quite contemporary. This MG was professionally restored from top-to-bottom, but it wasn't over-restored to the point where you're afraid to drive it, which misses the point of British roadster entirely. The body construction is traditional, but that also means that it's light and easy to repair, and this one shows no signs of serious damage in its past or the MG's arch-nemesis, rust. Hood and door fit are really great, and it's fairly obvious the builders got the sheetmetal super-straight before they started putting any paint down. And once the paint did go down, it was completed with an expert's touch that's resulted in a deep, high-gloss finish that's perfect for the curb appeal of this British classic. The combination of elegant slick-black paint and deep red body seals (not to mention the deep red interior) is about as good-as-it-gets, and the finish is definitely authentic-looking " neither too shiny nor full of metallic, both of which are instant giveaways to incorrect choices. It shows only a few light signs of use, of course, but the overall presentation is what endears MGs to their legions of fans. Of course, things like the chrome grille, stand-alone headlights/running lights/turn signals, and simple bumpers fore and aft give it a gorgeous, old-fashioned look, and all the bright stuff is in excellent shape.

Inside the rather diminutive cabin, there's adequate room for two, and once you settle into the low-slung bucket seats and assume the proper driving position, you'll find it's easy to spend hours behind the wheel without fatigue. Well, maybe your cheeks will be hurting from grinning so much, but the driving experience is involving without being exhausting. The comfortable seats have been properly reupholstered in beautiful red leather, which matches the door panels that offer useful storage pockets. The lovely dashboard is genuine wood, not a veneer, and houses a full array of Jaeger instruments that are all-original and have a truly British look. The three spoke, sporty steering wheel is still the universal symbol for sports car, and has been restored to such a high level you'll be scared to grab it without leather droving gloves, and the red carpets below are plush and in great shape. And since MG lovers are serious about their cars, this one offers a matching black canvas convertible top as weather protection, which quickly separates the men from the boys, along with accompanying sliding side windows. But seriously, if you purposely drive this beauty in the rain you should probably have your head examined.

The whole point of an MG isn't brute power, but the original 1250cc inline-four engines are very conservative, even for an early 1950's import. Thankfully, after a decade of ownership, the owner longed for more power and had his restorers upgrade the drivetrain to a 1500CC twin-carb Inline-4 borrowed from an MG TF. In this lightweight package those extra cubes go a very long way, and the motor was thoroughly overhauled and runs and drives wonderfully today. Those side-draft carbs feed it plenty, and the baritone exhaust note is downright erotic thanks to a stainless-steel exhaust upgrade. The whole engine is scarcely bigger than a briefcase, but all the parts are easy to get at and maintain, which is why MGs are so beloved by both professional and shade-tree mechanics today. The feisty engine's linked to a slick-shifting, upgraded 5-speed manual transmission whose light action and progressive clutch are the cornerstone of performance driving and make it a joy to run at 8/10s. The chassis is a simple ladder frame. Look underneath and you will see a neatly detailed undercarriage that shows how well this MG has lived, because it's very, very clean everywhere you look. Chrome wire wheels with center spinners look amazing and wear upgraded 165/15 Firestone tires that have barely seen pavement.

One drive and you'll see why it's so easy to love an MG, and this incredibly fresh TD delivers that old-world fun with the benefits of a few choice upgrades and a lot of recent work behind it. Call us today!

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Lutz FL 33559
United States
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