1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 454 Restomod

Concord, NC 28027
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1955 Chevrolet
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Classic cars like this 1955 Chevy Bel Air require two things: time and money. The more you have of one, the less you need of the other, but there's no way around it, a car this nice requires a serious investment. Packing a powerful 454 V8 and 6-speed gearbox, an upgraded suspension, and a bespoke leather interior " all wrapped up in a gorgeous Shoreline Beige over Gypsy Red finish that's got us all hot-and-bothered in the showroom. Fast, reliable, and drop-dead beautiful, it's everything .....
the original designers would've wanted the 1955 Chevy to be if they had the benefit of modern technology.

A Shoreline Beige top, Gypsy Red bottom, and loads of shiny chrome is a combination that would have looked right at home on the streets of 1955, although there was no paint job that looked this darn good way back then. The bodywork is straight, the glossy, strong driver-quality paint presents beautifully, and the car fits together very well " the result of all that time and money spent during this Bel Air's comprehensive restoration. We all love that the builders went back with the original two-tone colors rather than opting for a modern shade incongruous to this vintage, and because the build was just completed in 2020, everything still looks fresh. It's not a perfect trailer queen, although the naked eye has to get close to find much to complain about, and what little imperfections can be seen are minor and could be remedied with a cut-and-buff. Overall, the finish is sleek and presents well, the sheetmetal is straight, the gaps are good, and the curb appeal is off-the-charts. All the chrome and trim are new or restored and glistens under our lights, which also means someone spent enough cash restoring it all to put a kid through college, and all that Bel Air profile bling provides the perfect amount of shiny contrast as an official line of demarcation between the two colors.

Inside, the stunning Beige-and-Red leather bucket seat interior was incredibly well done and offers supreme comfort and loads of modern conveniences. Supple yet firm custom leather upholstery covers both the power front bucket seats and rear bench alike, featuring ornate stitchwork and classically styled patterns that manage to look both vintage and modern at the same time. The flanking door panels were finished to match and feature shiny chrome accents and hardware, showing off an artist's touch that makes the cabin feel extremely elegant inside. At the same time, the bright red carpets that cover the floors are the proper cut-and-pile for the era and nicely insulate the cabin from the outside world with the help of custom Bel Air floormats. Up top, the headliner was finished right the right way, complete with slats that take a lot of skill to install correctly, and even the 'minor' parts of the cabin like the kick panels and rear package tray were installed with a high degree of detail, further proof that nothing was overlooked in this comprehensive build. The original dash was finished back-to-stock, with a gorgeous, engine-turned aluminum center strip that pops out against the red paint. Although the factory gauge bezel is still in its stock position, it's now filled with a full array of Dakota Digital instruments that keep a closer eye on the upgraded drivetrain. A thin, wood-rimmed steering wheel warms things up a bit inside " mounted atop a tilt column that provides more room for the driver " and it's a perfect complement to the 'Long' shifter that splits the seats and practically taunts the driver to go bang through some gears with great aplomb. A removable center console adds storage, seatbelts up front add a modicum of safety, and a modern R134a A/C system was discreetly installed and kept the cabin nice and cool. Everything was finished to a high level and still feels incredibly fresh with only a couple of years on the build, including the spacious trunk out back that was painted to mirror the exterior and comes protected with matching red carpets. A lot of money was spent on this well-optioned, upscale leather interior, and it shows as it's dialed in.

Huge power comes from a beautifully dressed 454 V8 big block crate engine that was dropped into the highly detailed engine bay, and because the work was professionally done, it looks like it always belonged. According to the VIN, this Bel Air was born with a V8, but back then, nobody could even conceive of the brute force of a 7.4L H.O., and today it practically powers this Tri-5 into another dimension. Topped with a Tri-Power carburetor setup composed of NOS 1968 2-barrels mounted atop a GM Winters aluminum intake, it's rated at 425HP and a towering 500 lb-ft of torque, but with 118cc combustions chambers and a modest 8.75:1 compression ratio, it still runs on premium. Internals include a steel roller camshaft, forged pistons, a forged crank, and a roller timing chain (just to name a few). At the same time, the HEI distributor, block-hugging headers, and a giant Griffin aluminum radiator are all part of the show. Underneath, theres a quick-shifting Richmond 6-speed manual gearbox that handles all the added power, and it spins a heavy-duty rear end filled with reasonable 3.70 gears. A Flowmaster dual exhaust system sounds fantastic. The suspension was upgraded with components from a G-Body, dropped 2-inches up front, and features a front sway bar, newer shocks all around, and the improved maneuverability of power steering and front disc brakes. And to finish the custom look, it rides on a killer set of 17-inch Torque Thrust wheels wrapped with 245/45/17 front and 255/50/17 rear Nitto radials.

It's rare to see Tri-5s this nice, and when one like this shows up at a cruise night or car show, it's obvious where big money was spent. Call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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