1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1955 Chrysler
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Luxury, power, and pedigree are all the reasons why you've been searching for a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis. It's a definitive car in the American luxury coupe landscape, and there may never be an opportunity for a more affordable example.

This was a landmark year at Chrysler. Virgil Exner was putting his now-legendary styling into practice on a production Chrysler for the first time. He dismissed the traditional lines at Mopar's upper echelon, and in its place were sleeker and .....
sportier lines. After all, don't forget this is the close sibling to the iconic 300-C. So balancing out the performance appearance is the kind of brightwork that announced the best premium cars of the '50s. It includes the large twin grilles, mirror-like wraparound bumpers, full-length sweeping side trim, and even brightwork to outline the handsome hardtop profile. In fact, we can't help but see in the silhouette similarities to Ford's ultra-exclusive Continental Mark II that came out the next year. And speaking of exclusive, the St. Regis was the premium version of the premium New Yorker. So you got terrific details like two-tone paint. This tomato red and creamy white seem to harmonize nicely to have that ideal 1950s look. This is the kind of car that was made to be an all-day cruiser, and today it has the kind of presentation that won't make you nervous about every stone on the road. And while not perfect, you can see the instant attraction with details. It's in the art deco tailfins and detailed factory wheel covers inside the bright whitewall tires. So this is right for those of us who want to drive on a whim, and the value price leaves room in your budget if you want to upgrade, update, or personalize this rare Chrysler.

The interior is a cool two-tone luxury style where the seats, dash, door, and even the steering wheel coordinate with the red and white exterior. This has a survivor-level style, right down to the classic Town and Country AM radio that's there for display. But because this also wants to be a true cruiser, the upholstery was updated later in life. So it's both stylish and inviting with the cloth inserts and tuck/roll style accents. It has pure vintage touches, like the insignias in the doors, a unique dash-mounted shifter, and the working under-dash courtesy light that greets you when the door opens. Plus, you know you'll love how the full-size interior lets you share this hardtop's cool cruising attitude with everyone you want to bring along.

One of the most alluring parts of a 1950s Chrysler is what's under the hood. That's why this one makes sure to show it off with a very clean, correct, and honest style. The 331 cubic-inch FirePower V8 is Chrysler's original Hemi engine. It launched a long and powerful history at Chrysler, especially with the similar motor that was in the 300-C. It's the kind of V8 where people take extra time looking over the full package. You'll overhear conversations of people pointing out everything on this one from the decal on the air cleaner to how Chrysler overbuilt their motors with handy features like dual belts. More than just an award-worthy look, this will impress with how immediate and strong the mighty V8 fires up. The power steering supple ride, power brakes, and smooth-shifting three-speed automatic transmission are all part of a package that proves this still wants to hit the boulevard every Saturday night.

This is a true definitive premium coupe, and it's quite hard to find one with this level of vintage style. So don't miss this deal. Call now!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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