1955 Ford F250

Hobart, IN 46342
United States

1955 Ford F250
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1955 Ford F250 (per the title) sitting on an early 2000's F250 frame. The frame was shortened slightly to accommodate the body. The motor is a resent rebuilt (less than 20K) ford 6.0 turbo diesel. A little back story. . .I work in a salvage yard and one of my good customers has had this truck in his lot for about a year and a half. It had been signed over because the guy couldn't pay his bill. Anyway, they are moving and wanted this thing gone so I bought it. Maybe I should have talked to my .....
wife about it first. . .oh well. Upon her return from vacation I was told to get rid of it. All of the information I have is what I was told by my customer. My neighbor who has rebuilt a couple 50's ford trucks says it in pretty good shape. There is surface rust in several spots, and only two real bad spots (I pictured one), it is rusted through in front of the driver's door, which will need to be replaced but that part is an easy find online. The other is the driver side rear fender, which will need to be replaced, but again, it's an easy find online. Everything else looks repairable. The floor of the cab shows no rust, the doors are in great shape. There needs to be work done on the fire wall as it's been chopped up to accommodate the much larger than stock motor and tranny. There is no interior. No steering wheel, no gas pedal, no brakes, no seat. The head liner is in great shape and has the original speedometer. The windshield is cracked. The interior doors are rust free, but someone at some point cut holes for speakers. It has the original mirrors which are in great shape. There is some rust on the lower corner of the exterior of the door, but looks repairable. All axels are complete although the passenger side front is leaking (just noticed today with taking pictures). It has at ABS system from the donor truck, but it has not yet been hooked up. The tires are dry rotted, and leaking badly, I will see about getting some non flat tires for transport to make it a little easier/safer. The bed is in great shape. It still has a wood floor, which should be replaced and the gate has a couple of dents. The previous owner cut a couple of holes (one per side) in the bed for something, but it doesn't look bad. It has a body and suspension lift so it sits about 10 feet tall. The headlights have already been converted to 12v and sit in a non 55 grill. That's about all I know about this truck. It does not run as I have not hooked up the fuel lines or checked to see if the battery is good. I have done the best I can at describing this one of a kind monster.

Hobart IN 46342
United States
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