1956 Mercury Medalist 4 Door Phaeton

Fort Worth, TX 76137
United States

1956 Mercury
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Here's your opportunity at something truly special. This 1956 Mercury Medalist Phaeton is a rare single-year offering that has an authentic style and proper V8 power. And as you check out all the details, you'll really be impressed with what you get for the value price.

The Phaeton line means a hardtop sedan. So it has an ultra-cool look where the pillarless hardtop profile is longer than even on the coupes. It makes this body style an instant stand-out in any crowd. And Mercury .....
really knew how to maximize this distinct style. It's hard to miss the roofline when it has a band of white over the wraparound rear window and special rear door trim with the Phaeton name. Plus, the big chrome front end, recessed headlights, whitewall tires, and lighting bolt style trim running the full profile really give this a terrific classic cruiser form. The two-tone white and yellow paint looks good for those who want a driver's car. And because the trim appears to be complete, you have an impressive style for today and plenty of potential for tomorrow. And being correctly vintage is very important here. The Medalist was a single-year model name, and the four-door hardtop was a mid-year offering. So that means there were only about 6700 made. That seems quite low, especially since the more expensive Oldsmobile four-door hardtop sold about four times more just in 1956 alone. So if you're wondering why you may have never seen a Medalist Phaeton before, you know it has the kind of rarity where it's likely to be the only one to show up at most car shows... even Mercury events!

The car was given a good refresh around 2012, and the interior was given an especially noteworthy style. The two-tone tan and brown are beautifully intertwined on the seats and doors. Plus, good carpeting, a clean dash, and a taut headliner make for a quality presentation. So you'll happily leave all the windows down on this pillarless hardtop so that people can get a good look inside. The artful factory steering wheel and the arching dash show off the very stylish gauge package. It makes you want to hit the road in this Phaeton. And proper lap seatbelts and plenty of room for family and friends make this great for ice cream runs.

The Mercury V8 made for a great powerhouse for the cruisers back in the day, and so it's great to have a correct-style motor still under the hood today. The 312 cubic-inch V8 looks tidy, with the blue oil bath air cleaner, matching valve covers, and a golden glow to the block all radiating from the darkness. Topped with a newer four-barrel carburetor, it produces good power and a nice tune out of the updated dual exhaust. And the three-speed automatic transmission helps make for a nice cruiser.

The sale comes complete with some spare components and classic promotional materials framed for a display board. While you'll find room for improvement, the value price lets you decide if/how you want to update the body, suspension, or other personalization. And for those of us who really want something rare and distinct, there seems to be no better choice than this single-year Medalist Phaeton. Call today!!!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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