1957 Chrysler 300C

Phoenix, AZ 85204
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1957 Chrysler 300C
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Luxury, distinction, and ultra rarity - that's why you're looking at this 1957 Chrysler 300C coupe. It's one of the most iconic vehicles in the distinguished letter series. Plus, it comes with all the best classic features, including a leather-lined luxury interior to the dual-quad Hemi V8 under the hood. The 1957 300C unshed in a new era of premium at Chrysler, but less than 2,000 of these expensive coupes were produced. So you know this is a true treat to find one so complete nearly 65 years .....
later. Aside from just being ultra-rare, this Chrysler hardtop is also a great looking premium classic. The front end manages to be aggressive and graceful at the same time. Virgil Exner created an awesome new forward look that really set the trend for years to come. The wide grille was the focal point as if to signal there was a big Hemi within. This car was known for more big details, like the chrome bumpers and wide quad headlights. And this sizeable presentation continues down the sides with wide whitewalls and tailfins that take flight right after the doors (it gives them a graceful rise all the way to the rear.) And this was the debut of the new red, white, and blue badging that would became a hallmark of these year-specific letter-series cars. It's all part of a carefully crafted style that we love from the detail-obsessed 1950s. The interior is absolutely stylish. The seats are done in a supple tan leather. The carpeting in a quality black that also has tan piping to coordinate with the seats. In fact, everywhere from the door panels to the dash seem to follow this black and tan look for a thoughtful total presentation. It's a true luxury coupe with great factory features, including power front seats. Plus, the power windows mean you can show off the pillarless hardtop profile with ease. You'll love the details of this package, like the working AM radio and the way the steering wheel has the same two-tone found on the dash. And premium Mopars were particularly distinct in this era thanks to the push-button transmission. What will excite collectors the most is what's under the hood. The 300C was the debut of the 392 cubic-inch FirePower V8. This is Chrysler's original Hemi engine, and this was the largest displacement of the series. In fact, the 392 designation is still legendary with the modern Hemi motor. The engine was built for true effortless power with dual Carter four-barrel carburetors. As you can see from the pictures, all the key elements are in place, right down to the dual side air grabbers. There's plenty of power in this 300c, but it doesn't have to be intimidating to drive thanks to the ease of a three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and upgraded front discs. The sale comes complete with service manuals and Speed Age publication. Rare classics with this much power and appeal rarely come up for grabs. So you know you need to be quick if you want to make this 300C yours. Call today!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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