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1958 Cadillac Eldorado
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1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Custom

We are honored to have the opportunity to list this beautiful Cadillac Brougham for sale but it is bittersweet. This car was one of the many creations owned by local Hot Rodding legend Jess Jordan. Jess was a great friend and passed away this past year. He had a knack for finding unique cars and getting them customized in just the right way to make something one of a kind and never seen before. This 58 Caddy is the last car he had built. It was built by composite of some of the best craftsman in the state of Texas including Marc's Customs (mechanical), Donnie Bright (paint/body), Gail Pesick (fabrication/suspension) and Comptons Customs(interior). It is among the top of the list for the finest machines Jess owned. The car is absolutely gorgeous from front to rear and whenever the car attends a show it is almost guaranteed an award. To understand how special this car is, you first need to understand what the 1958 cadillac Brougham is in the history of Cadillac. The Brougham was a handbuilt special edition Eldorado designed by Ed Glowacke. They are one of GM's most memorable designs and in 57 featured the first appearance of quad headlights. These special edition cars were built with custom trim pieces, a more luxurious interior and that iconic brushed stainless steel roof. With a price tag over $13,000, they cost twice as much as the Eldorado from the factory. Rumor is that GM lost over $40,000 on each one they built and therefore only 304 were built in 1958. This car is a rare automobile to begin with and this one just goes above and beyond being done in the pro touring style. Sitting behind the wheel of this car looks classic but the drive feels like you just took off in a modern luxury car. The Electron Blue paint is beautiful to see out in the sun and the body is laser straight. All of the original style trim and chrome are nicely fitted to the car and have a brilliant shine. The wheels are a work of art on their own. They are inspired by the original Kelsey Hayes Sabre wheels but have been customized to better fill out the fenders have a modern style. They are wrapped with low profile white wall tires. The stance of the car is perfect. Looking at the exterior it features a lot of the original appearance but with those wheels and the Supercharged emblem you can tell the car is definitely something special.

Pop the hood and you will see the car's beauty is not just restricted to the outside. The LSA 6.2 liter CTS supercharged Cadillac motor has a great look and runs just as well. The motor produces a lot of power and the custom cover has been painted to match the body. It puts out 550HP and features a Concept One pulley set up. It is backed by a 4 speed 4L80 automatic transmission that shifts through the gears smoothly. The car sits on a modified stock chasses and has disc brakes up front.

The interior is just as awe inspiring as the rest. The factory rear suicide doors open smoothly along with the front to gain full access to the inside. The seats are wrapped in a beautiful Charcoal leather with custom diamond stitching you would expect to see on a new exotic. It was done by Compton Interior and looks incredible. The matching Gray fur carpet suits the car well and always gets attention at shows. The full length center console extends into the back seat and features additional storage space and cupholders for front and rear passengers. The dash has more of a stock appearance but even the original look is beautiful to look at. The original trim pieces are in place and have just as nice of a shine as the exterior pieces. Vintage air was added to keep you comfortable during those warmer months and was nicely built into the dash. The trunk of the car was all custom upholstered as well and has a hidden storage compartment and a pull out drawer. The deck lid has a soft close system where you gently drop it down and the car does the rest of the work. The hinge gently pulls the deck lid down nice and tight. It is similar to what many people are doing in their homes with soft closing drawers.

This car is rare, unique and one of a kind. One of the best parts about Jess was he didn't just build cars to trailer around. He built them to be driven and this car does exactly that. In addition to the appearance, the car is a great driver and can take you anywhere.

This is an opportunity to buy a very unique, rare piece of Cadillac history and

enjoy driving it like a brand new one for the reduced price
of $190,000.00!

NOW REDUCED DOWN TO $150,000.00 Almost 100K below the cost to build.

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