1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1958 Chevrolet
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The fun of patina pickups is how they can be secretly rewarding, so you may want to sneak ahead to see a few pics of the interior, motor, and undercarriage right now. It shows how this 1958 Chevrolet Apache has a cool weathered look on the outside, but in total, it's a well-invested solid classic cruiser.

We're told this is a true patina truck, and so the weathered appearance has been in the works for generations. And details like the big rear step bumper and battered lumber in .....
the truck bed give this Chevy a great work-tested attitude. But the real feeling this exterior gives is how secretly rewarding it is. After all, you can start to notice just how straight the sheet metal is. So we love that this is a long bed because a fleetside is a rarity from this era and there's more metal to show off the flush design. Plus, the brightwork on the hood side mirrors, door handles, badging, and hubcaps have a quality shine.

The interior shows off even more freshness. There's a clean look to the door panels, rubber, floor, gauges, and bench seat. There's even proper sound deadening material on the floor. The patina is really just in the minority with touches on the door tops and dash. Even details like the dome light, window rubber, and glass received the right attention. As restored as it is, nothing looks too overdone to take away from the vintage atmosphere. And the feel of the thin steering wheel and tall shifter of the four-speed can almost transport you back to 1958.

The engine bay gets the tone right for this one. After all, we all know some pretty awesome V8s fit in these Chevys, but this one loves a true unique and original style, and so they invested in the correct 235 cubic-inch motor. This Thriftmaster inline-six is a showpiece of cleanliness. It has an impressively stock style where the only upgrade you'll likely spot is the period-correct Fenton split header package that gives this a true dual exhaust. And you're going to want to follow those pipes in the undercarriage photos where you can see the fresh frame and suspension that makes this a confident cruiser.

The sale comes complete with build receipts and restoration photos. This truck looks like it was in your family for generations but drives like it left the Chevy dealership yesterday. That's why this Apache is just so cool. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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