1958 Chevrolet Apache

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-4667
United States

1958 Chevrolet
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1958 Chevrolet Apache known as E-pache EV conversion 2020 NetGain HyPer 9HV engine Seven Tesla Model S batteries (80-90 mile range) GM MA 5 speed manual transmission out of 2008 Chevy Colorado Orion battery management Canadian EV transmission adapter plate 2008 Chevy Colorado 5 speed transmission TCI front suspension with Ridetech coilovers Wilwood disc brakes in front with custom master cylinder mounts Stock 3:55 rear axle 15x7 Voxx Ralley wheels with 225/75/15 Hankook Kinergy radial tires .....
Montana truck with Authentic patina Factory seating interior with upholstered black/grey vinyl bench seat Factory gauges and stereo Featured in Street Trucks magazine and EV Builders Guide magazine in 2022 Featured at the SEMA show in 2022 Comes with adapter cord to a 220v outlet Be different! This truck gathers a crowd anywhere it goes! Conductive Classics built the truck and this is taken from one of the articles written about it; “The goal was to have something with similar power to what the stock truck had when new – torque somewhere in the range of 160 pound-feet. using a NetGain Motors only makes 120 horsepower, but it’s hard to compare the output to a traditional internal combustion engine because the power is so linear with an EV.” Although the original three-on-the-tree gearbox was tossed out during the conversion, the team chose to keep a manual transmission in the mix. “There’s some different perspectives on that in the EV world, but we’re glad we decided to keep a manual transmission in the truck because it’s still engaging to drive it,” “The motor revs to 8000 RPM and we have a tachometer in the truck. But you can also tell when to shift by ear, just like you would with an internal combustion engine. Everything is hidden in the beds toolbox. A battery pack sourced from a Tesla Model S delivers roughly 90 miles of range and came as part of the kit that the team selected. “Once we had everything, we started deliberating over where we were going to put the batteries,” he tells us. “We didn’t really like the idea of raising the bed because we weren’t going to C-notch the truck or anything like that. Then my partner suggested that we put them in a bed tool box. And it turned out that we were able to fit not only all of the batteries in there, but also all of the EV controllers, converters, and just about everything else. It worked out brilliantly.” Also this is an area where you plug it in. The team chose an AR-5 five-speed gearbox from a GMC Canyon for the job. “We use these transmissions behind 800 horsepower LS engines, so we knew it could easily handle the power. More importantly, though, we also knew there was an adapter plate available to mate this transmission to the electric motor.” Lowered but otherwise more or less stock aside from the EV-related components, the Apache was Built in the spring of 2021 the team decided to bring the Chevy out to the inaugural Holley High Voltage event at Sonoma Raceway. In 2022 they then took it to SEMA. It has made it into many magazines and articles. We have copies of some of them.

Cedar Rapids IA 52404-4667
United States
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