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1959 Social History and Bumper Cars

Significant 1959 facts: Castro comes to power in Cuba. Dalai Lama forced to flee Tibet. Barbie Doll launched. Alaska becomes 49th State. Hawaii the 50th State. St. Lawrence Seaway completed. NASA introduces first Astronauts. Average new house $12,400. Standard yearly wage $5,010.00. Typical gallon of gas 25-cents. Median new car cost $2200. Movie ticket $1.00. Common loaf of bread 20-cents. Popular television included "Rawhide," .....
"Bonanza" and "The Twilight Zone." There were few fun zone essentials which became popular history around every county, state fairs and amusement parks. The Ferris Wheel for an example or perhaps the iconic Merry-Go-Round however none held such enjoyable interest as Bumper Cars. The reason, simple: people could actually operate them! Nowadays bumper cars generally show-up in museums as collectibles. The Stoehrer brothers were the first to patent their bumper cars, filed December 1920, which created the Dodgem Company. Initial cars were of course powered by electricity. Their bumper cars were then considered "the Rolls Royce of amusement devices." The Dodgem Company was later bought out/taken over by another company during the 1970s.

1959 DODGEM - Extremely Rare Street Legal Bumper Car VIN: M312140109

However switching into present time, this exceptional, innovative 1959 Dodgem bumper car For Sale is titled, licensed and insured in the State of Idaho. The only street legal Dodgem bumper car known to exist.

Buyers alert: this is an extraordinary opportunity to be the one person in the world to own a street legal Dodgem bumper car! While there exist a few street legal bumper cars, this uniquely special car is the only street legal Dodgem bumper car. With that said, if interested in owning a street legal bumper car, you do need to check your state requirements as to what is required for street legal status. The bumper car has headlights, taillights, brake lights, dual outside mirrors, horn, windshield, and maintains highway speeds effortlessly.

A 1959 Dodgem, not only uniquely unusual, is an absolute kick to drive. As the seller expresses, "Ive owned a dozen or so classic cars and hot rods over the years and the bumper car is probably the most fun Ive had with a street machine." As seen from photos, the car has a narrow, short wheel base, and high gravity center. A safe speed is 40-mph with between 35-40-mph a relaxed cruising speed.

Nevertheless the bumper car is a huge hit in parades, for business displays, and has won numerous awards at car shows, including Best of Show, Sponsors Choice, Peoples Choice, Mayors Choice, Best Special Interest, Best Engineered, and as a select "featured vehicle" at major auto shows. The Dodgem was featured in the 2019 edition of American National Insurance Companies, and within a highlighted collector car calendar which is included with the car records for new owner enjoyment. Many historic collectables and files go along with the sale as well.

Detailed specifics:

Body: 1959 DODGEM. Dodgem bumper cars were built from 1921 to 1972. The first fiberglass versions appeared in 1959. Its believed the car comes from Myrtle Beach Fun Zone and Promenade originally in SC.

Paint: "Half Past Midnight" applied by Bobby Alloways Hot Rod Shop, Louisville TN.

Interior: Wide Tuck Leather by Steve Holcombs Pro Auto Interiors, Knoxville TN.

Running Gear: Kawasaki 700 KFX Quad, 697/42.5 SOHC - 4 stroke, 2 cylinder - V-Twin, Shaft Driven, water cooled by electric puller-fan.

Brakes: Front-Disc / Rear Wet.

Wheels/ Tires: ITP - Moto X - SS12 - "Slasher" GFX Pro.

Exhaust: Stainless Steel / Tuned - Pro Circuit T-4.

Gauges: Dolphin, Classic Series.

Steering Wheel: LeCarra.

Original Engineer and Builder: Bob Foshee, Knoxville TN

Be informed also: Drag chute and nitrous system are props, not functional, and are points of constant discussion and delight at shows. Gauges light up but arent functional, show only. All aspects of the vehicle are excellent to fantastic regarding quality, including paint and chrome. The donor quad engine is a new 2008 Kawasaki with less than 500-miles on engine and drive-line. The bumper car is driven around town weekly, spring through autumn, mostly for the sheer joy of putting smiles on peoples faces, including the driver. As an option, a potential buyer would find it easier within their state to register the bumper car as an ATV by applying for a title based on the Kawasaki engine VIN as noted herein. One-of-kind is an absolute understatement, for sure! And YOU could proudly own it!

Add it to your collection for $25,500.00!

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