1960 Willys Pickup 4X4

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1960 Willys
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Keep your Gladiators, your Comanches, and even your CJ-8 Scramblers " in the eyes of crochety old Jeep purists like me, the best Jeep truck ever made wasn't technically even built by Jeep at all. It was a Willys-Overland Post-War production like this beautiful 1960 Willys Jeep Truck 4X4. Okay, it's still a Jeep truck, let's not get into semantics, but the pre-AMC Jeeps from Kaiser and Willys are more like Jeep's ancestors, and they laid the groundwork that Jeep have since followed for .....
decades. This gorgeous pickup has been fully restored back-to-stock, featuring a powerful 226 Inline-6 Super Hurricane motor, a smooth-shifting 3-speed manual, and a comfortable original interior. It's also got a heavy-duty bed out back that looks pretty but can still get to work, and comes wrapped in gorgeous, period-perfect colors. With a no-nonsense demeanor and one-of-a-kind vintage looks, this Willys reminds us who really invented the icon.

With low ownership and a lifetime spent in the warm Texas/North Carolina sun, this super-cool 4x4 has led an easier life than most of its siblings. As a result, all the hazards that vehicles face out on the road, ranging from accidents to road salt, are a complete non-issue here. Beautifully finished over a very strong, straight original body, it's one of the nicest Willys 4x4s we've ever featured. The Brilliant Green Metallic paint is a close facsimile to Fountain Green Metallic from the Willys color chart from this year "an exciting, vibrant color that when combined with the stake bed rails and red wheels takes on a very dramatic look that's all the rage today. Reportedly, when this truck was painted it received six coats of DuPont Imron Poly and Clearcoat, and just judging by the depth and clarity of the finish, the proof is certainly in the proverbial pudding. Thanks to expert work by the ""Pro's Pros"" at Wagonmaster a few years ago, panel fit is excellent, and the bed remains largely unmarked " a result of its working days being LONG over. The traditional Willys look remains very much in evidence, with flat front fenders, simple wagon-like doors, and a bed that looks hand-crafted by a blacksmith. Of course, that's part of the charm, and the workmanship is off-the-charts nice, although not so perfect that's only meant for the car show circuit. This Jeep 4x4 could easily still put in a hard day's work and haul half of Home Depot away with you. There are a few chrome bits that sparkle, including the front bumper, grill bars, and the neat trim along the sides of the doors and fenders, but for the most part, the aesthetics are that of a pure workhorse 4x4.

The interior is perhaps where the least liberties were taken from the original design, as the stock bench seat was covered in a handsome green vinyl that looks straight from the Post-War era. The plain upholstery is what you'd expect, and with fiberboard door panels, it looks like you could spend many days working in this truck without wearing anything out. Simple gauges in the center of the dash monitor speed and the engine's vitals appear in very good original condition, and the knobs are correctly labeled for their functions. A Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo was neatly incorporated into the left-side glove box and a drop-in set of plastic cup holders were added ahead of the tall shifters for practicality's sake. Turn signals were added for safety and a spotlight the driver can control with the original lever mounted just beyond the big, original Willys steering wheel. Rubber mats, a 3-speed manual gearbox, and levers for the 4x4 system round out the driver's controls.

The 226 cubic inches ""Super Hurricane"" side-valve Inline-6 engine was optional, but most Willys buyers skipped it. While it's not hugely powerful, it feels energetic and gives the truck the feeling that it could go just about anywhere. It's bulletproof, reliable, and combined with the four-wheel-drive system and smart gearing, it'll climb almost any obstacle. Wearing industrial gray paint and red lettering on the head, it will look familiar to Jeep fans, and the engine bay retains most of its original equipment. However, the generator was swapped-out in favor of an alternator and 12-volt electrical system. The four-wheel-drive system is the same one still in use by hardcore off-roaders today, complete down to the manually-locking front hubs and 2-speed transfer case, while the Borg Warner 3-speed manual transmission features synchromesh 2nd and 3rd gears and overdrive. The original leaf-spring suspension gives the Willys a very rugged, competent feeling, and you'll be tempted to take the overland route every chance you get. The perfect finishing touch is those red painted steel wheels that wear modern 245/75/16 BFGoodrich off-road rubber.

One of the best examples of the breed, this Willys 4x4 is the kind of truck that gets more appealing the longer you look at it. Call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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