1962 MG Midget

Hobart, IN 46342
United States

1962 MG Midget
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1962 MG Midget / Bugeye Rare MK1 with Bugeye bonnet. Resurrected a beautiful 1962 MG midget and replaced front end with a cool Bugeye Sprite front end. Best of both worlds- Looks like a bugeye but has a trunk. Perfect for anyone who loves Bugeyes but doesn't want to pay top dollar. Bought this car as a project to teach my kids how to work on cars. Lots of work done. You can see in the pics what it came from over the span of 18 months. It was a lot of fun but now time to move on to the next .....
project. Not 100% done but pretty darn close and a pretty unique car. Here's what has been done: Exterior • All body work completely redone. Should be solid for another 50 years. • New single stage paint. Could use a wet sand and buff. Or just drive as is. Looks fine for a daily driver but not show quality. Has imperfections. A real perfectionist would want to sand and respray. Mechanical • Brand new transmission with a one year warranty (January 2015). Shifts beautifully. • 1098 engine instead of original 948. Runs strong. • New water pump. • Replaced mechanical fuel pump with electric fuel pump. • Complete radiator system and coolant flush. • Steering system rebooted, greased and all rubber bits replaced in front end suspension. Electrical • Replaced generator with modern alternator. Now has reliable electricity in the car and plenty of it for anything you might add like a stereo. Also headlights at night no longer lose brightness when stopped at a light (since the original speedometer was mechanically driven from the generator, the speedometer is now just a decoration on the dash. Does not function but well worth it. Could always be returned to original). • Modern blade fuse box. • Complete rewire and new wiring harness. • New gauges/ switches where needed. • New headlights. • All wiring done professionally- very clean. • New battery. Larger than needed for this car but nice for extra power. Hydraulics • Complete overhaul of braking and clutch system. • Complete replacement of all drums, pads, springs, lines (soft lines)-both front and rear. • New brake/ clutch master cylinder. • New clutch slave. Interior • New seat upholstery. • New modern seat adjusters to replace original sliders. • Brand new Mona Lita steering wheel and custom wood door cards, custom wood rear passenger/ trunk divider and custom wood dash top trim to match. (speakers in pics do not come with the car but are standard 6' round) • Custom dash upholstery. • Herculined the entire inside of the vehicle to prevent any issues. Let it rain! • New floor carpet. • New roll bar installed. • New three point restraint system installed. Axles & wheels • New tires with only about 100 miles on them. • Rear Axles rebuilt. • Rear shocks replaced with modern tube shocks. Misc • It does not come with a top. I never left it out in the rain and didn't want to drive it in the rain. It does come with the proper frame for the top and also the side windows. Both in good shape. If you decide you want to order a top you have the other important/ expensive parts already. The only other thing you would need are the little chrome clasps that button the top to the body. I removed the old ones for painting and they weren't good enough to put back on. Holes are there still for easy install. • Lots of little rubber and chrome bits and parts that I ordered from Moss. Some ended up extra. Nothing of any great value but a nice little box of new bits & pieces is yours if needed. I will put them in a box in the trunk when it ships. Everything is good but If I were to keep it: 1. The paint as mentioned above. 2. Would get a real body guy to get the seams at the hood to body to be a bit tighter. 3. Would install hood props on both sides so that hood could stay up when lifted. 4. Would clean up the engine bay to make it more show ready and impressive. If you are looking for a car that has been completely restored and is all original then this is not the car for you. If you are looking for a car that

Hobart IN 46342
United States
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