1963 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan

Fort Worth, TX 76137
United States

1963 Buick
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In the 1960s you bought a Buick because you wanted style to go with your V8 power. Today that spirit has made them a truly unique cruiser. And 1963 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan maximizes that feeling with a fully adjustable air ride suspension, awesome metallic paint on the roof, a cold-blowing A/C interior, and the kind of smooth V8 power that makes it an awesome lowrider.

Buick seemed to be the best at embracing the era of longer, lower, and wider that defined the 1960s. So of .....
course, when a sedan looks as long as a city block, that makes for the right place to create a cool cruising custom. The front end has a crisp center point where they really extended in the sheet metal to make it look distinctive. And the rear end caps even reach beyond the bumpers. It's almost as if the designers wanted to convey the luxury of a Buick by allowing them to stretch out as far as they like. And while the design is quite clean and attractive, it's not the vintage style that really has you excited. We bet you saw that roof radiating from nearly every picture on this car. It's a kind of lace pattern candy green paint that offers a surface so interesting you almost can't resist touching it. And because this was all cleared over, it's exceptionally smooth! It's the ideal color theme where the green is distinctive against the body's Marlin Blue while they all harmonize in the turquoise-style hues. There are some signs of this car being out there and enjoyed, but a lowrider is made to be out there and be seen. And this one really leaves a lasting impression everywhere it cruises. So you can tell they thought about the details. Euro-inspired yellow bright headlights, polished Supreme alloys, tinted glass, and the extended dual exhaust tips are all done to stand out in the right way. And of course, a true lowrider means all you do is flip a switch, and you can watch jaws drop to the ground as quickly as the stance does.

The interior is all about showing off a classic kind of cool while also being quite comfortable. The full blue package is quite vintage, but it has the clean style of a fresher investment. It looks great with details like the two-tone door panels, plush loop carpeting, Buick logo floor mats, and broad tuck and roll style pattern on the seats. There are even fun custom pieces, including the shifter handle and pinstriping on the dash. Just like the exterior, this is attractive but also built to be enjoyed. After all, you have legroom that can almost be measured in acres. And you even have cold-blowing air conditioning, because lowrider speeds don't always mean a lot of air breezing through the car.

Under the hood is the correct-style 401 cubic-inch V8. These Nailhead motors are legends all on their own, and the way this one runs string is a big reason for that. The engine bay has quite an honest look to it, but you can also spot nice upgrades, like the aluminum radiator with electric fan that helps keep this running cool even in traffic. The air ride suspension can be dialed-in for a soft ride, and with power steering, an automatic transmission, and power brakes, this is a great recipe for cruising.

This is the custom Buick that has all the right features to make sure it's easy to own, drive, and enjoy. Call today!!!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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