1963 Chevrolet Nova II 100

Staunton, IL 62088
United States

1963 Chevrolet
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Available now is this 1963 Chevy II 100 4-Door sedan. This Chevy is dressed in a muted blue with chrome trim covering a two-tone blue interior. This one was originally a 6-cylinder car but has had a small block chevy 350 transplanted in it mated to an automatic transmission. Thy body is straight, but does have rust areas such as the hood that will need to be addressed. The car sits on rally wheels and runs well.

More information on the model year 1963 Chevy II:
The 1963 Chevrolet .....
II sedan was a compact car produced by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand. It was part of the Chevy II/Nova lineup and was introduced as a response to the increasing demand for smaller and more affordable cars during the 1960s.

The 1963 Chevrolet II sedan had a unibody construction with a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. It was offered with three different engine options, including a 153 cubic inch inline-four engine, a 194 cubic inch inline-six engine, and a 230 cubic inch inline-six engine. The car also featured a three-speed manual transmission as standard, with a two-speed automatic transmission available as an option.

The exterior of the 1963 Chevrolet II sedan was designed with a simple and clean look. It had a boxy shape with flat sides and a square grille. The car featured a two-door or four-door body style with a roomy interior that could accommodate up to six passengers. The sedan version had a trunk capacity of 14.4 cubic feet, providing ample storage space.

The 1963 Chevrolet II sedan was well-received by consumers due to its affordable price, fuel efficiency, and compact size. It was also popular among hot rod enthusiasts who customized the car for racing and drag racing. Today, the 1963 Chevrolet II sedan is considered a classic car and is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Staunton IL 62088
United States
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