1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-4667
United States

1964 Ford
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1964 Ford Thunderbolt recreation

DETAIL, DETAIL, DETAIL...no this is not a real estate lesson but for those of you that recall the days of ''Race on Sunday...Sell on Monday'' this Thunderbolt is the zenith of both axioms. Ford built just 100 of these ultra high performance cars to sell for $1 each to the biggest names in drag racing in the mid 60s. The sole purpose of the car was to showcase Ford's high performance prowess and drive buyers to their local showrooms so they might enjoy a .....
bit of the glimpse they might have gotten from behind the wheel of a truly momentous car from the Blue Oval Boys. Yes, this one is not one of the original and vaunted few that Ford built, but there is testimony that it is as true to one of the first eleven originally built as you will find anywhere this side of Dearborn. This 1964 Ford Thunderbolt re-creation is of the one Ford sold to Mickey Thompson and driven by Butch Leal. This vehicle has photographic authentication of its provenance to the minutest detail of the build. Here is an opportunity to take advantage of another man's expertise and attention to detail, right down to the cloth that covers the seats, and enjoy an absolute blast from the past.

Ford dedicated 100 Fairlane 500 2-door sedans to this project. They built them in three blocks; 11, 39, and 50

The first 11 Thunderbolts were burgundy with gold interior. This vehicle is modeled after #7 of the first eleven

The remaining 89 vehicles in this project were all white

The complete “rotisserie” build was done to Ford factory specifications. The paint on this vehicle is restored to the original specifications of the first 11 vehicles

The interior in this vehicle has been replaced to match those specifications set forth by Ford Motor Company in the project

The tires and wheels are factory correct and exclusive to this unique model

The engine is a factory specific 427 high riser with close ratio Hurst shifted top loader to a 31 spline and 3.50 gear ratio traction lock Ford 9” rear end

This combination successfully accomplished the goal of a street-safe and strip-ready powerhouse. It runs on 91 octane fuel, readily available everywhere

A very unique feature is the viscous drive fan cooling system through 3 core radiator with 180° high flow thermostat cooling to 190°. All this means over-heating is highly unlikely

The Crites exhaust system, with electric cut-outs, is plumbed through a single exhaust. Which is factory correct!

There is a Stewart Warner electric fuel pump with a correct 3/8” fuel line to the factory-correct mechanical pump. Because this one is thirsty

The hood is audacious and was the design used on the first 11 cars only, It may not be the most stylish but it is correct

This particular car is neither for the faint of heart or someone that doesn't truly appreciate what went into building factory race cars of this era. It is a bare bones brute of a car, that will turn heads not only at ignition but at launch and blowing through the traps or just sitting on your trailer.

Cedar Rapids IA 52404-4667
United States
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