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1964 Ford Galaxie
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1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL

As Ford moved from 1958 to 1959 the Fairlane 500 was offered as the top trim level of Ford but during the 1959 model year the Galaxie was produced as an additional trim level which topped the Fairlanes previous position. In 1962 the Galaxie name started to be given to all of Ford's full size models and the new trim levels of 500 and 500XL indicated the higher trim levels with 500XL at the top of the charts. These cars were produced to compete with Chevrolets Impala and production continued all the way through 74. The 1964 Ford Galaxie you see hear is a 500XL so it is the top of the line Ford you could have bought at that time. The coolest feature about this car is that it is a true survivor. That means that for over 50 years now the car has retained all of its originality down to even the paint! That is a pretty uncommon feat for these old cars. Think about it, that means the car has never been wrecked, damaged and lived its entire life without being restored, repainted or altered at all. Just because it is a survivor doesn't mean it is in bad condition either. The Red paint has been well maintained and besides a few chips still has a nice slick finish. The car also features all of its original trim including some extras you won't see on every Galaxie. This car was actually factory ordered with the optional hood trim, fender ornaments, fender skirts and the dual flood lights. All of the glass on the car is in good shape with no signs of damage as are the original wheels and hubcaps. Another cool point on this car is the odometer reading of 13,644. While we do not have documentation of that being the original mileage it certainly would not surprise us if it is. If it has rolled over then every owner throughout its life must have taken excellent care of it to keep it in this original state and looking this good.

Check out the VIN and data decode info to see just how original this classic is....

As you would expect under the hood is a 390 V8 motor that starts up and runs well. It hasn't been modified and has been kept stock. Backing it up is the 3 speed cruise o matic factory transmission. The only real modifications to the car, which aren't modifications but repairs are the brakes and the exhaust. It is a factory power brake car but they have been rebuilt to original specs and the exhaust looks like it has been replaced by a previous owner. If the exhaust hasn't been replaced previously then it looks like brand new. The factory power steering works on the car as does the factory AC but the AC could use a charge to blow really cold.

The interior of the car is just amazing considering it is all original. The upholstery work doesn't have any tears and very little sign of use. The bucket seats and factory center console look great. The only issue is one area of the carpet by the drivers door where it has been torn slightly in the past. It is truly amazing to look into a car like this and sit on a seat that you know was covered and installed that many years ago. The dash is the same way. Everything is original and even the clock works! The factory AM radio is there and everything else you would expect if you bought the car from a dealer back in 64.

This is a really cool car with a great look and a history you don't come across every day. It is truly a collectors item and has been maintained as such.

Add this sweet survivor to your collection for $35,000.00!

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