1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Hobart, IN 46342
United States

1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88
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1964 Oldsmobile​. Dynamic 88. There is no major body damage; only nicks and small dents. It has some rust stains in some areas, but the car is impeccable and ready to be painted. It still has the original paint from 1964!!! It has all moldings, and fixtures. All hub caps are the originals. The hood, trunk and all doors are in excellent condition. Their respective hinges do not even grind or squeal. They open, close, sheathe, seal, and lock perfectly!! The body is excellent. It has no major .....
defects. The head lights are also intact as well as all tail lights, and corner indicators. They are all original. Bumpers are chromed and shiny, though, they need re-polished or re-chroming. INSIDE: It has all original knobs, levers, switches, buttons, and even the AM/FM radio are original and fully functional!!!! Shiny parts, are still shining excellently. The dashboard amazingly does not even have a single crack. In fact, the dashboard is still soft!!! Instruments, meters, and indicators such as speedometer, odometer, and oil temp work perfectly. Windshield wipers work and have the original lever. Turning signal lever also works. The horn, light switch, and air switches also work fine. All switches are shiny as from factory. The window rolling handles are good, except the driver's side; over 50 years of use, it got loose, but it is complete. The back seat is intact from factory, but the front seat has a rip. I has to be re-upholstered. The roof upholstery is also intact. I doubt the carpet is original, but the inside walls and arm rests are all in excellent condition. MECHANICALLY It is an V8, automatic transmission. The engine run like a charm, and is extremely quiet. In fact, it starts as soon as you turn the key!!! It has a lot of power!! Step on the gas pedal, and it really goes. The transmission shifts very nicely. I had it fixed just before I parked the car few years back. I just put a new muffler, although I kept the original. The power steering could not work better. Turn the steering wheel, and you wont even feel it is turning!! I am sure that after 50 years, it may need normal wear and tear replacements such as brakes, although the discs and drums are in good condition. It might need electrical troubleshooting, as some lights do not turn on, though the switch is intact.

Hobart IN 46342
United States
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