1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1965 Plymouth Barracuda
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Chrysler upped their game on cars like this 1965 Plymouth Barracuda so it could compete with Ford's Mustang. With a nice V8 under the hood and distinct styling, this coupe is a combination of rolling distinction and some nice upgrades.

There's nothing else on the road that looks like an early Barracuda, with that massive wrap-around rear window (largest ever of its era) and crisp creases along the tops of the fenders. So while it was derived from the popular Valiant, the Barracuda .....
received enough of its own sheetmetal to be devilishly distinctive. This example really turns the style up a notch with a glossy respray of the factory-correct ivory paint. And the golden Formula S-style stripe painted on top not only adds to the distinctive look, but it also coordinates with the 17-inch XXR alloy wheel upgrade. And if you like these gold accents, you'll love the interior.

The Barracuda had a true sporty design, and this highly correct interior shows it off perfectly. In fact, the gold color is the kind of piece that can only come from the '60s. So it's great they made a solid investment to keep this factory-correct style looking terrific. The bucket seats have been recovered in the factory's intricate pattern, that way you can feel it tickle your back as you slip behind the wheel. This has a time capsule feeling with all the right pieces like the fold-down trunk pass-through and AM radio that's still on display. The steering wheel retains its cool intricate design it got from the Los Angeles factory, and so this truly feels like classic motoring.

The best Barracudas received the 273 cubic-inch Commando V8. It's an important motor to the pony car wars, and so we're happy to see this coupe start with the correct displacement V8. The bold red block, ribbed valve covers, and bright air topper w/callout give it a tidy and original-style presentation. But this one is harboring a secret. The consignor states the motor was actually enlarged to 324ci total. Topped with a four-barrel carburetor, this has the kind of displacement/power to really put Mustangs in their place. While you can tell they have made a nice investment in the engine bay by just the way it looks, you'll also be happy to know this completed a 500+ mile rally to Las Vegas last year. So this Barracuda is a true runner. In fact, you have great driving features, like the three-speed automatic transmission, rear sway bar upgrade, and the extra grip of modern performance tires.

Mopars are always the rarest of the bunch. So to find an interesting V8 Barracuda with extra power and poise makes for a very desirable classic. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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