1966 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Deluxe

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1966 Chevrolet
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I love this car! It is a sleeper being a base 300 sedan but boy oh boy it's ready to rock n roll. Under the hood is a 427 which connects to a 4-speed and a posi. The suspension and brakes have been upgraded and it even has air conditioning! This car was the recipient of a thorough frame off restoration! It is one of the exceptional ones.

EXTERIOR: The exterior is remarkable overall! It has a street sleeper look with the body colored 17"" rims and bowtie poverty center caps. .....
The paint job is done right, it was applied with great attention to detail. Even inside the door jambs is done to the same quality as the body. The exterior is very shiny, and I can see my reflection while standing here. The fit and alignment of all the body panels is exceptional. The gaps are tight and consistent all the way around the car. The doors close like a new car. The windshield and side windows appear to be new, as well as the weather stripping. The rear window looks original and has some insignificant scratches. The front grill bumpers and all trim appears shiny and refinished. 427 badges have been added to the fenders and trunk lid. There may be a couple very hard to find imperfections but honestly there's not one bad thing I can say about the exterior of this vehicle.

INTERIOR: This interior is classy! The two-tone color scheme is very unique and tastefully executed! Nearly every aspect of the interior appears new looking. The dash, steering wheel and column have all been painted body color red and look outstanding. A new dash pad has been installed also. They used a vintage style Stewart Warner gauge cluster and a knee knocker tachometer. The radio is an original Delco AM unit. The headliner has been replaced with matching visors. The seats have been fully reupholstered with benches in the front and rear and are extremely comfortable. Also, there are seat belts all the way around so you can take a cruise with the entire family. The two-tone scheme carries onto the reproduction door panels. The carpeting has been replaced and there is a set of reproduction floor mats. The 4 speed Hurst shifter sticking out of the hump is the best part! It's amazing what the builders have done inside this car! I'm absolutely in love with it!

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The engine compartment is a thing of beauty. Underneath the hood as well as the fender wells and firewall have all been painted smoothly in a satin black finish. The hood latch and hinges have been replaced. The engine is a stout, completely rebuilt as a 427. It's sports lots of aftermarket parts like AFR aluminum heads for example. It also has an upgraded GM aluminum intake manifold and Holley double pumper carb that all look very fresh. Stock chrome air cleaner and valve covers. Coated Hooker competition headers and Flame Thrower billet distributor are additional performance upgrades. This features a functional factory air conditioning system. It also features power steering. It has a high performance Wilwood brake master cylinder. The radiator has been upgraded to a fresh looking aluminum unit. All the hoses and wires have been run neatly and routed appropriately. Everything under the hood looks new or rebuilt. This engine compartment is truly amazing.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: The trunk compartment is very tidy and fully appointed. The underside of the trunk lid and the jamb has the same shiny finish that the body has. The weatherstrip and decals have been replaced. Inside the metal has been very neatly painted in a durable spatter finish. It also a reproduction mat, a full-size spare mounted on a body color rim and a factory style jack. This trunk compartment is as exceptional as the rest of the car!

UNDERSIDE: This undercarriage looks amazing! It has many performance upgrades that enhance the overall driving experience. It appears that all the steering components have been replaced and include new hardware. The front and rear both have a swaybars and coilover adjustable gas shocks. In back it also has upgraded control arms with supports. The brake system has been upgraded and now has Wilwood front disc brakes with slotted and drilled rotors. The brake lines have been replaced and the e-brake is hooked up. Coated long tube headers have been attached to a large and full dual exhaust system with X-Pipe and Flowmaster mufflers. It is nicely accented with chrome oval exhaust tips coming out the rear. The fuel tank, straps and fuel lines have all been replaced. Looking up at the 427 motor it's nicely painted Chevy orange and very clean with no visible leaks. It has a high torque starter. The Muncie 4 speed transmission looks fresh and rebuilt with a polished bell housing. The drive shaft has been nicely painted black. It's attached to a 12 bolt posi rear end that was also painted. The floors are totally rust-free and very smooth looking. They have been painted black and look fantastic. This underbelly is prim and proper with attention to detail that is sure to impress!

SERVICE: Our professional mechanics have thoroughly inspected the car and only found a few minor issues that were repaired including: the wiring of the left front turn signal as well as the horn, additionally they repaired the passenger vent window. This car is totally dialed in! Drive this classic with confidence!

This car is a real knockout! Even in our showroom of exceptional classic cars this one stands out. The quality, workmanship and attention to detail are evident everywhere you look. Not every Chevelle needs to be a Super Sport!

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Air conditioning
Power steering
Front disc brakes
12 bolt posi
Coilover shocks
Knee knocker tach
SW gauge cluster
Seat belts
Reproduction mats
17 inch poverty rims

Volo IL 60073
United States
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