1966 Ford Mustang K-Code

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1966 Ford
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There's a hierarchy when it comes to 1966 Ford Mustangs, and for the performance lovers, the K-Code HiPo 289 is king. Finding one with a correct-style V8 under the hood, four-on-the-floor, and full red presentation inside & out means you're looking at rare pony car royalty.

Collectors know a K-code Mustang is in the one-percent rarity range of total pony car production from the first few years. So these high-performance coupes are always in high demand. The panels line up nicely, .....
which adds to a proper presentation of the factory-correct Candyapple Red. The brightwork is complete and straight on everything from the mirror-like chrome bumpers to the correct high-performance 289 badges. We particularly like how this one retains a classic-style, but it still knows how to announce its extra performance with the right period-correct features. There's a GT-style grille and the styled-steel wheels are Mustang icons. Plus, the double redline tires are nice performance pieces that also coordinate with the paint.

There's even more period-correct distinction when you open the door. It starts with the factory-correct red vinyl seats with comfortable red textured inserts. They coordinate nicely with the side panels, carpeting, dash, and even the exterior paint to give this coupe an aggressive full red package. Vintage fans will love details like the grippy three-spoke steering wheel and AM radio that's still cranking out tunes. Performance lovers will be instantly attracted to the floor shifter and the desirable Rally Pac tack and clock mounted on the steering column.

As much as you'll love the interior and exterior, it's the rare K-code HiPo 289 cubic-inch V8 under the hood that will truly impress. After all, it's the motor that took home the trophies around the globe, and the presentation today has a great look, right down to the decals. While Ford didn't do numbers-matching criteria in '66, the block has the correct stamping, there are the performance code-21 heads, and other signs that this the correct powerhouse for this powerful pony. The V8 inhales deeply from the four-barrel carburetor. And the H-pipe dual exhaust combines with the control of the four-speed manual transmission to make you the conductor of a high-power symphony.

This is a nicely detailed car, right down to the trunk with the correct mat and full-size redline spare. So to have something so cool also be so rare is the kind of treat we all can't resist. Call today!!!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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