1966 Plymouth Valiant

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1966 Plymouth Valiant
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This 1966 Plymouth Valiant is a classic sedan with an effortless style inside and out. And as you dig a little deeper, you'll see there are cool little extras that make this slant-six Mopar a lot of fun for an affordable price.

We love this generation of Valiant because it showed off how smaller cars could still have big style. The flat front end has an imposing look, and the bright chrome bumper below has a gentle contour. Along the sides, there's a crisply-defined full-length crease .....
that tapers just before each end. There's even full-length trim just below that. And the rear says goodbye to the tailfin era with a hint of blade as it melts into the step-down trunk. This was an intricate car to produce, and so it's impressive just to find one as complete as this one today. If you're looking for perfection, you may update/upgrade the classic white paint, polish the rear bumper, or other details that the value price allows you to budget for. But overall, we like a traditional sedan that shows its quality in practical ways, like how you can still close all four doors confidently. And the upgrade to American Racing Outlaw II wheels gives this a little extra flair while also giving you the option for better cruising tires.

The interior continues the very classic style. This appears highly original inside, and the level of the time capsule here reminds you just how low the odometer is (and it's on an actual miles title!) So there are some cracks and fading from age, but nothing looks like it spent decades seeing in-and-out traffic. So you can appreciate the classic two-tone blue on the wide bench seats and matching door panels. The dome light still greets you, the AM radio is there as a display, and the working heater makes this a nice early Sunday driver. It all feels like the right car for those who love a true classic. The only item that seems restored rather than preserved is the nice carpeting.

The engine bay has clean inner walls to showcase Mopar's famous 170 cubic-inch slant-six motor. It looks great with the red block and classic callouts on the air grabber. We love these six-cylinder motors for their robust reputation, and it's easy to give this a home garage tune-up. As you look over it all, you'll even spot some newer investments in places like the hoses, wiring, and exhaust. The Valiant was the budget Mopar offering, so you get the true mainstream classic driver feeling. But this Plymouth also makes it easier with its automatic transmission and good touring tires.

Complete with the original warranty card, it's time to get your hands on a time capsule kind of Mopar. Call now!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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