1966 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback

La Vergne, TN 37086
United States

1966 Volkswagen
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This 1966 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback is certainly a unique patina machine, but they didn't just pull this one from decades out in a field. The consignor is also the owner of an acclaimed VW specialist shop, and so this one is far more than its first impression. As you dig into all the details, you'll also notice quite a fresh interior and a fully built 1776cc pancake motor. It all means this cool patina VW is also a truly cool cruiser.

The Squareback always holds a special place in .....
our hearts. It has the kind of traditional European good looks that could have come from BMW or Fiat, and the two-door wagon-like profile reminded Americans of Chevy's Nomad. And the whole packaging was even clever where you had plenty of room in the back and a big trunk up front. So some people never knew where the engine was! And while that makes for a memorable classic, the finish on this one is particularly distinct for looking like was matured rather than applied. But this one doesn't try to be a pure patina machine. There are also plenty of details that signal this is an upgraded machine. Good panel fit, clean headlights, new window seals, bright trim, and terrific chrome bumpers show there's extra work that's gone into this one. And those iconic Porsche 928 alloys are tucked in nicely for a sporty look that will make people ask you what motor you have (wherever it is.)

The interior starts to show where more of the investments really went. Bright white side panels, matching classic upholstery, a good headliner, and thick black carpeting make this quite fresh and inviting. Volkswagen made this quite versitle with features like front shoulder seatbelts, and a fold-down rear seat for added cargo through the large rear hatch. Plus, it feels like a proper classic VW from the driver's seat with the thin Wolfsburg crest steering wheel, VDO gauges, and the hardy shifter.

When you lift the floor hatch in the rear, you start to understand the full difference you get when your VW comes from a professional shop. The extra-flat ""pancake"" four-cylinder is extremely tidy from this fresh build, and so you can easily spot features like the newer alternator, coil pack, and spark plug wires. This was also rebuilt for power with a larger 1776cc displacement and dual EMPI 40k carburetors. The motor fires up readily and makes that unmistakable classic air-cooled hum. And this feels terrific out on the road. You harness fully the added power with the four-speed manual transmission. And the front disc brakes and grippy sport tires on the Porsche wheels make for a confident driver.

This is the kind of quality car where new metallic paint and some pan work makes this a World of Wheels kind of custom classic. But that would be no fun. Instead, this is patina'd and peppy to be a distinct classic that's fun to drive and show off everywhere. Call today!!!

La Vergne TN 37086
United States
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