1967 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

Middletown, CT 06457
United States

1967 Fiat Pininfarina
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This Fiat has been in the same family for the last 20+ years. It has been in California for all it's life, only coming east a couple of years ago. Pinin Farina designed this elegant run about. The 1.5L Fiat engine doesn't do much in terms of HP but the 5 speed gear box and front disc brakes (There are aluminum finned drums in back) certainly help bring an air of sportiness to this little car. Completely rust free, these cars were known for their ability to rust while you watched. The .....
front floor pans have been replaced on both left and right sides, however, the rest of the car still has the original factory applied undercoat/rust proofing. This car is rust/rot free. The 4 cylinder engine is fed by a 2bbl Weber carb and has an unknown number of miles. When new, this little 4 cylinder pumped out 83 HP and 88 lb ft of torque. The odometer has 33,481 miles on it. The engine is the original engine and is numbers matching. Aside from correct floor pans and the respray several years ago in a bright white, the car is believed to be original. The paint is smooth and very shiny but there are a couple of small nicks here and there. While not concours ready, she does hold up very well under scrutiny with only a few small blemishes across the trim and paint. The interior is in great condition, the floor pans inside show the correct pattern and hold a good coat of paint. The vinyl seats are firm and have no tears or other issues. The car is titled as a 1967 however, it should be a 66 as they stopped producing the cabriolets in 1966. Generally back in the day, cars were titled for the year they were sold not necessarily when they were manufactured. The car starts right up and idles strongly, with no coughs or burbles. She shifts easily and moves along nicely through the gears. Recent work includes new brakes, tires, fluids and general tune. There are thousands and thousands of MGs, Triumphs, Healeys, etc out there - They only made 34,000 or so of these through their entire 6 year run so you won't see too many at the local cars and coffee if any. Many referred to this as the mini Ferrari as it had several similarities to a 250 GT cabriolet also designed by Pininfarina. Great little, very pretty car to simply take out and enjoy. Asking price is $18,000 FIRM Any questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for the interest.
AutoArcheologist David Brill
Auto Archeology

Finding Lost Automotive Souls

It must have started when I was a kid, at 4 years old, lying in a hospital bed, watching my roommate build model cars. I HAD to have a model car too, so my Dad went out and bought me a plastic model of a 1964 MB 230 SL that we built together before I was released; so began my love affair of all things automotive, fast cars, bright colors, loud engines.

My attentions have since "matured" to the subtle lines of a classic Jaguar, the growl of a Ferrari V12, the distinct aroma emanating from the original leather interior of a recently unearthed Cunningham, or cool fall air rushing through our hair as we drive Amelia, our 76 MGB roadster. Not that I don't appreciate the fast cars and loud engines anymore; my palette has simply expanded. To me, an automobile is not merely a mode of transport to bring one from point A to B, but an experience of all the senses.

We have all seen them; some may even have them right now in their own yard: what appears to be the carcass of an old car, wasting away in the side yard, under a tarp, in a barn... These automotive lost souls are what I have set out to save if at all possible. The souls of these relics are the stories that are attached to them through years of ownership, maybe by one person/family or possibly a dozen or more. In some cases, our friend may be too far gone to bring back to road-worthiness, however, many times that is not the case. Once matched up with the next conservator, the motorcar gains a new lease on life as additional memories are instilled upon it.

That is why we do it... What is it that we do?

Archeology is the study of man's past by studying the remains of his culture. Each automobile sitting in someone's yard, barn, garage or under a tarp is a way to dig into the past of the car, it's previous owners, by studying the the stories attached to it... looking into it's soul.

As I travel the back-roads and byways of Connecticut and New England I see many of these aforementioned "artifacts". What I have set out to do is document in photos and text the stories attached to many of these vehicles. If at all possible, to save them from disintegrating into iron oxide dust and put them into the hands of those who will enjoy adding chapters to the story, whether they chose to use the car as a donor so that another may live, or bring the car back and put it back into service. Sometimes, those cars haven't fallen into disrepair and the owners simply want or need to move the car. We're there to assist in putting those cars into the hands of the next conservator.

If you are interested in any of the cars for sale on my web site, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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