1968 Ford Galaxie XL

Lithia Springs, GA 30122
United States

1968 Ford
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It's an unabashedly full size car, but this 1968 Ford Galaxie XL also features a number of styling cues that are unmistakably part of the muscle car realm, including that trademark combination of short deck lid and long hood, under which sits what's almost certainly its original big block. This expansive cruiser is more than streetable in its present state, and it offers a solid foundation to work with, making its transformation to vintage awesomeness a fairly direct process.

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a journey to the paint shop somewhere in the distant past, this vintage Ford has yet to have seen much restorative attention over the years, so it retains legit survivor status. As such, while it won't strike fear in the hearts of local car show competitors in its present state, with the right work performed it certainly could. You really don't see too many Galaxies on the road any more and this one - being an upper crust XL version with hidden headlights and all - already packs plenty of visual impact. A big plus lies in the condition of its unibody frame - any work performed on this classic will be sitting on a solid foundation and won't require the arduous peeling back of layers of sheet metal to set things right, which is necessary when things are compromised underneath. Draped in dramatic black paint, the exterior alignment on this lengthy ride looks to be on point and when you come around to view it from the side, you can get the full effect of that sloping, fastback-style rear roofline. Aesthetically speaking, this is very much a supersized muscle car.

Inside those sizable doors is an interior that's likely been in place since this Galaxie rolled off the line and, considering both the mileage logged and the passing of the years, it's still in pretty good shape. Its black color makes it more prone to showing the effects of UV exposure, so you can find discoloration on some of its vinyl surfaces, but overall, there would be no issues climbing inside and getting out on the road right away. The seating in particular, as well as the headliner and door panels, presents surprisingly well and the burlwood accents on the dash still look a lot like they did at the start. The factory instrumentation works as intended and the original AM radio still holds its place at the center, teaming with an 8-track player to inject plenty of late '60s authenticity into the mix. Among the most obvious dividends yielded by the Galaxie's generous proportions is its substantial interior room, cooled by factory air conditioning that's blowing plenty strong, but could likely benefit from a Freon charge.

Plenty of vintage power comes via the 390 cubic inch V8 resting between the shock towers. Ford's FE engines, of which this big block is a member, developed a strong reputation for durability and can still be found propelling a number of Ford classics. Among the powerplant's other strong suits is its abundant torque - with the 390 crowned by a 4-barrel carb, it's good for more than 420 lb-ft of it as it teams with a 3-speed automatic transmission. The surrounding inner fenders and firewall are structurally sound but a thorough detailing would elevate the aesthetics of the engine bay. There have been a number of recently added components to improve reliability, including the fuel line, power steering hose, distributor cap and wires, as well as an assortment of new belts and hoses. Power brakes that feature discs up front bring this Ford classic's set of 15"" stock wheels wrapped with Hankook tires to reliable, fade resistant stops.

With its distinctive appearance and solid foundation, this 1968 Ford Galaxie XL presents a great opportunity. Call today!

Lithia Springs GA 30122
United States
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