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1969 Chevrolet Nova
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1969 Chevrolet Nova

If you are looking for your average run of the mill Nova then this one may not be the right fit. This one should end up with someone with the desire to have the baddest most well built Nova out there. This really is a special car. It has been professionally built from top to bottom to be king of the road when it comes to late 60's muscle cars. The car currently belongs to a highly regarded custom builder and former professional drag racer. We can guarantee you won't .....
find a better built car out there for this price. This was not a car built for a client or a car built to turn around and sell. It was built to be his. This means there was no question when it came to time and cost during its construction. It was going to end up perfect no matter what it took to get there. In all honesty we are surprised it is up for sale and actually wouldn't be up for sale if shop space hadn't become an issue. It was built to belong to his collection the rest of his life but now free space for future builds and other cars has become a factor so it needs to find a new home. Whoever ends up with it in their garage is going to have easily one of the nicest Novas out there and will have obtained it for a small fraction of what it would cost to replicate. It was originally a Red on Red car but was taken down to bare metal for a full frame off rotisserie restoration. It is now coated in a Brilliant Blue paint with Black racing stripes buried under the clear. The fit and finish is unmatched by many cars on the road. A lot of people see vinyl tops and get concerned about rust. Well completely eliminate that fear from your mind. The car was not originally a vinyl top car and when it was completely repainted the top was included. So instead of the bare metal rust risk under the vinyl it is actually protected by paint. Every piece of trim from the nose to the rear was replaced with new for a brilliant shine. The stance on the car is perfect and to add to that tough looking exterior the Harwood glass bumpers have a Carbon Fiber wrap on it which is a nice unique touch. The cowl fiberglass hood is also from Harwood and gives the car a great side profile. If the thumping exhaust isn't enough of an indicator that this car means business the Centerline wheels let you know something must be hiding under the hood. They suit the car perfectly and are wrapped with BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires.

If the exterior look impressed you just wait until you check out the drive train. The motor is a 388CID small block that was built right. This isn't some amateur garage built. It is packed with top of the line components throughout and was built to perform and last. It is a 4 bolt main 350 block that has been bored .060 and features a new scat 3.750 stroke crank, scat rods, flat top hyperutectic pistons, Brodix raised exhaust port aluminum heads, a gear drive, a Smokey Ram manifold (very rare), a 750 cfm Holley double pumper, Accel distributor, Moroso valve covers and Hooker Headers. Plus it was very cleanly done with nice painted surfaces throughout the engine compartment and cleanly routed lines. It is a motor that you will love showing off just as much as you love sitting behind the wheel. It is kept cool thanks to the Griffin Aluminum radiator with dual integrate fans. Power is supplied via the red top Optima battery that has been relocated to the trunk and has a remote electric disconnect. From the motor you are lead to the Lakewood bell housing and McLeod dual disk clutch to the aftermarket brand new Super Case Muncie style Rock Crusher 4 speed transmission with a larger counter shaft and steel mid plate. The Rock Crusher transmission is highly regarded on its own and the Super Case version takes it to another level. Power is then converted through the 4 inch drive shaft with driveshaft loop to the Moser 9 inch Ford posi rear end with 3:73 gears and 31 spline axles. The rear axle was built by Moser so this isn't just your standard rebuilt junkyard find. While the car was on the rotisserie rack Detroit Speed weld in subframe connectors were installed which significantly strengthens the frame and is a must when you are going to be putting out this kind of performance. The suspension consists of Cal Track split mono rear springs, Cal track bars, Cal track inboard shocks, Hotchkis springs up front and a sway bar. Other nice components include dropped spindles, four piston disk brakes throughout, a 8" power brake booster, all new brake lines, tubular control arms, power steering, a new gas tank, all new fuel lines, a Holley electric fuel pump and a Painless wiring harness. The car was clearly built to perform and do it well...safely. You see a lot of cars built in this style out there where appearance goes out the window. It is all about horsepower and if it doesn't look good, then who cares? Well that was not the attitude here. Performance and good looks was combined in a beautiful way and a look at the undercarriage will immediately back up that statement. The underside is satin black and incredibly clean. It is a beautiful display of the mechanics while also not being overdone or too flashy.

Moving onto the interior we need to start with what has been hidden. The inside of the floor boards are coated with both Lizard Skin ceramic and Lizard Skin sound control. It also has thermal barrier insulation which was included on the inside of the roof as well. We aren't going to promise a perfectly quiet ride like your brand new Cadillac but for a car of this style this is about the best set up you could ask for. A 12 point cromoly roll cage has been added for extra protection and is painted Black to blend in as best as you can and also has integrated shoulder harness. The rest of the upholstery is a new reproduction interior from Classic Industries that was installed along with hand sewn carpets to accommodate the floor modifications and have the perfect fit. The dash is kept semi original but features new Dakota Digital analog gauges. The glove box has also been modified with custom lettering stating to "Shut Up and Hold On!" If you find yourself in the passenger seat of this ride you should probably heed that warning. It was built to be light and go fast which it does with ease.

We probably could have saved some writing time by just stating "fully restored, completely new, and totally badass" but to truly understand this car you need to get a look at all the components in the build and the extremely high level of workmanship. This car jumps off the line with no hesitation and neither should you because you WON'T find another one like it.

See it in person, sit behind the wheel and you will quickly realize there is zero

chance of replicating a car even close to this for only $46,000.00!

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