1969 Ford Torino Cobra SCJ

Volo, IL 60073
United States

1969 Ford
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1 of 705 built total! This is a sleeper formal roof Torino with the coveted 428 Super Cobra Jet ram air engine, 4-speed and Drag Pack. Documented by the VIN, Marti Report, and partial build sheet. This is an exceptionally clean car throughout.

The Drag Pack SCJ: Ford's secret weapon! Ford certainly downplayed this option; it barely got a mention on page 18 of their brochure. It only referenced that it included a 3.91 Traction Lock rear for $155, but oh boy it was so much more. When a .....
guy walked into the Ford dealer and ordered a 3.91 rear with a 4-speed, Ford knew exactly what that buyer's intentions were. So, with no questions asked you got the Super Cobra Jet. It included a much stronger built motor that could take a beating: 4 bolt mains, stronger block, forged pistons on stronger rods, a solid lifter aggressive cam, 780 cfm Holley carb, header type exhaust manifolds, an external oil cooler and more. It's a factory-built race car!

EXTERIOR: I love the sleeper look on this formal roof with a vinyl top and poverty wheels. The hood scoop with 428 Cobra Jet badging is the only real sign that this car is not to be messed with on the streets. This rare hardtop coupe is actually about 300 lb lighter than its fastback counterpart; therefore, sought after by racers in tune with this little known fact. The factory candy apple red paint has been reapplied with expert detail! It has been painstakingly sanded and polished to a smooth, silky, and reflective finish. Looking down the side of the body it is absolutely straight without a ripple or wave in sight. The black vinyl top has been replaced and gives a nice contrast to the stark red paint. The doors are aligned nicely, and the gaps are spot on. They open and close easily like a new car. All the weatherstripping has been replaced. The glass is crystal clear. Absolutely got to love the hood scoop with functional ram air and the hood pins. The front grill and taillights appear to be original and in fantastic shape. The front and rear bumpers as well as most of the remaining trim pieces have been rechromed and look fresh with a very reflective finish. It has reproduction Firestone Wide Oval tires that are size F70-14 wrapped around the body color rims with mint condition hubcaps. What a knockout exterior!

INTERIOR: This interior looks new top to bottom and side to side. The headliner has been replaced as well as the visors. The front bench seat gives you plenty of room to cuddle with your sweetheart and has been reupholstered. The rear seat has been reupholstered as well. It has functioning seat belts all the way around so you can go cruising with the entire family if you want. The door panels look fantastic and have been replaced. The door pulls may be original and have some minor wrinkles. The dash pad looks new, the gauges are original but in fantastic condition. An aftermarket fuel gauge has been added. The Hurst 4-speed shifter is looking sweet sitting front and center. There is a radio delete. The steering column and steering wheel look to be original but in excellent shape. The carpeting has been replaced and looks great.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: This isn't just a 428 Cobra Jet, it's a Super Cobra Jet! This is a date coded correct motor that runs strong. Not all were ram air, this one is. Up top sits the factory correct and functioning vacuum actuated ram air assembly. It's dressed in finned aluminum valve covers as well as a chrome dipstick. All the hoses and wires have been neatly routed the way the factory would have placed them. It has a reproduction Autolite battery that is properly secured. The cooling system looks factory fresh, reproduction clamps. It features power brakes which is also fresh. It has electric wipers, squirters and the horn is hooked up. The underside of the hood is painted as smooth and shiny as the body in candy apple red. The fender wells and firewall have been painted neatly satin black. Clean and correct sums up this engine bay!

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Lift the trunk lid and you will immediately notice it's underside has been painted with the same quality and shiny finish as the exterior in candy apple red. The weatherstrip and trunk mat have been replaced. All the floor pan metal has been painted with a textured black finish.

UNDERSIDE: This rare muscle car has received a thorough restoration and looks remarkable underneath! All of the steering components have been replaced or rebuilt and look fresh. Even all the hardware and bushings have been replaced. The front suspension looks great. The control arms have been replaced and look fresh as well as the sway bar links and bushings. The rear leaf springs were replaced, and the shocks look fresh. The front has disc brakes, and the calipers and lines look fresh. The rear has drums, and they were repainted. The dual exhaust system has been replaced with factory type, nice turndown tailpipes. The fuel tank has been replaced and the lines look fresh also. Looking up at the 428 it has been painted the correct factory Ford blue, it appears fresh with no visible leaks. The top loader, close ratio, 31 spline 4-speed manual trans is original as indicated by the tag still riveted to it. It looks clean and has a Competition Plus shifter. The driveshaft has fresh u-joints and transfers the power to a Ford 9 inch rear end with factory 3.91 traction lock gears! that has been neatly painted black. The floors and frame rails look bone dry and are neatly painted black. This is the top-notch undercarriage!

SERVICE: Our team of professional mechanics has thoroughly inspected this car and repaired or replaced the following items: replace the speedometer gear, connected the blower motor, and replaced the reverse light switch. We installed oil lines to the external cooler too.

This Torino equipped with a 428 Super Cobra Jet drag pack was Ford's not so well known or advertised secret weapon, that's why there was only 705 of them ever produced! This one is top quality with a thick pile of receipts to go with it. People are going to be impressed when they realize what it really is, a wolf in sheep's clothes. Absolutely can't go wrong with this super rare Torino hardtop coupe!

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Power disc brakes
Drag Pack
3.91 Traction Lok
Ram Air
Visibility Group
Hood pins
Vinyl top
Reproduction tires
Poverty wheels
Marti Report

Volo IL 60073
United States
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