1969 Jaguar E-Type

Lutz, FL 33559
United States

1969 Jaguar E-Type
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4406-TPA - 1969 JAGUAR E-TYPE
Cue the '60s spy music, because the 1969 Jaguar E-Type is here to steal the show. "Groovy, baby!" Just like the iconic "shaguar" in Austin Powers this 1969 Jaguar E-Type is a masterpiece of style and performance. Cloaked in its original Pale Primrose Yellow, it's a dazzling beacon of 60s cool. With its one-of-a-kind lines and an aura of British elegance, this E-Type is a cultural icon. The glistening chrome wire wheels, complete with .....
stylish knock-offs, chrome bumpers and Frenched headlights narrate stories of exciting exploits.
On the inside you find all-black interior, leather seats, still in great shape, hint at a life of well-cared-for elegance. The dash, with its clean pad and clear gauges, houses a neatly installed Pioneer CD/receiver, probably playing Born to Be Wild, the anthem for this E-Type. The minimal chrome inside retains its shine and the wood steering wheel, mounted on a telescopic column, feels like a handshake with history. While there's no backseat for henchmen, the gray cloth headliner and sun visors complete the interior's discreet charm, making every drive feel like a scene from a classic movie.
Under the hood of this cinematic icon is the original 4.2L inline-6 engine, a piece of mechanical mastery. Believed to be the original 4-speed manual transmission, it offers an engaging driving experience that's as exhilarating today as it was in the '60s. The dual Stromberg carbs ensure that the engine purrs like a big cat ready to pounce, while the dual exhaust system with chrome tips adds a deep, throaty soundtrack to your every journey. The 4-wheel disc brakes promise smooth, reliable stops, making this E-Type a confident performer on any road.
o Original 4.2L Inline-6 engine
o 4-speed manual transmission
o Dual Stromberg carbs
o 4-wheel disc brakes
o Correct Pale Primrose Yellow paint
o 15" chrome wire wheels with knock-offs
o Frenched Headlights
o Classic Jaguar tilt-front hood
o Rear hatch opening to the left
o All-black leather seats
o Pioneer CD/receiver
o Wood steering wheel
o Telescopic column
o Gray cloth headliner

The 1969 Jaguar E-Type is a piece of cinematic and automotive history. With its stunning correct Pale Primrose Yellow paint, 4.2L Inline-6 engine, 4-speed manual transmission and an interior that wraps you in classic luxury, this E-Type is ready to be the star of your garage. This car promises to be a scene-stealer wherever it goes. Ready to play the lead in your own driving adventure? Call today!

4610 PET LN STE 105
Lutz FL 33559
United States
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