1970 Ford E 200

Hobart, IN 46342
United States

1970 Ford
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1970 FORD VAN E-200 ¾ ton which has been mechanically meticulously maintained. This van is 44 years old, and I have owned it for the past 37 years. I had the engine rebuilt 5 years ago, after its 39th birthday. The van has an inline 6 cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. The only thing that you have to remember when driving it is don't put the pedal to the metal, as it isn't new, and it would make absolutely no sense to do so as this is not a race car. Just take it easy, as that is .....
the secret to making a vehicle last this long. It has vacuum activated cruise control which has worked great for many years. However, when set the speed varies a little, and needs to have one adjustment on the control box adjusted. The truck has a back up camera which helps you see when small cars or pedestrians are close behind. The body is totally intact, however the door pillars have some through rust on the bottom, and the van definitely need a paint job. The small hoods on these vans always have rust underneath, however, on top side they come out looking out great. The top rails always had some rust, and about 6 months ago I patched the area with JB Weld, as fiberglass never works there. Since I had no intention of selling it, and I was using it on a daily basis I saw no need to paint it, since the mechanics are my priority. If it just looked good but didn't run well, that wouldn't be very good. The van has regular mechanical brakes. Whenever I stop somewhere , people often times walk up to me, or roll their window down if they are driving as they are amazed at how great the van looks. The van is CLASSIC, NOT CUSTOMIZED -- just regular vans that were driven daily, until an old injury re-occurred, making it difficult for me to climb into the cab, etc. It has a few dings and dents, nothing major. The back door is hanging a little bit due to metal fatigue around the hinge, and the passenger door doesn't close all the way. It closes, but not absolutely true closed. It has been this way for over 20 years and it doesn't' bother me. The wiring harness had to be replaced about 15 years ago, and since it wasn't the exact one, most everything in the van like the instruments, gauges, etc. are all hooked to separate gauges, and there is a lot of wiring under the dash, especially with the cruise control as there is a ton of wiring for that. EVERYTHING IS LABLED. The rear stop lights, etc. are wired direct from the plug source under the dash. The instrument panel has the glass removed, and the black part is bent to allow the speedometer cable to rotate freely. The speedometer sometimes drifts to much, never to little. However, mechanically the van is A-1. I forgot to mention that I had air conditioning installed about 15 years ago. Man, was that an assignment. The evaporator as well as all the parts were new, and the evaporator is one that is used for an Iveco cab, and it is mounted before the bench seat that was installed, and behind the motor hatch. The bottom of the motor hatch is frayed (bent) around the floor, etc., so the fitting isn't that great. In the summer time I use duct tape around the bottom to keep the heat away. Both front seats are the same as the regular drivers side, although the van originally had a fold away passenger seat. The maintenance over the years has always been 1st class throughout the 37 years that I have owned it, as I would not drive a vehicle that was not in perfect and in Safe running condition.

Hobart IN 46342
United States
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