1970 Plymouth Superbird

Arlington, TX 76017
United States

1970 Plymouth Superbird
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1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird Original 426 HEMI car! One of 136 VIN RM23ROA181256 Own a true American legend

The Superbird is an American automotive legend. The high-speed tracks known as Superspeedways became dominated by the highly modified super cars easily spotted by a nose cone, tall rear wing, vents along the top of the front fenders, a pinned hood and stainless-steel-A-pillar covers. All cars were also fitted with a black, boar-grain vinyl roof regardless .....
of paint color. At high speeds the flush rear window eliminates the sail panels. These including the Charger Daytona's were the first American car ever designed in a wind tunnel. This led to the first car to break the 200-mph speed barrier in NASCAR competition. Richard Petty won eight races in 1970 from within the Superbird. The Superbird legend only 1,920 examples were built. In total, only 136 production Superbirds came equipped with the 426 Hemi "elephant motor" making it the rarest of the engine options with a heavy-duty four-speed manual.

The 426 Hemi V-8 big block's with two Carter AFB carburetors and is said to have produced 425 (or some say 433) horsepower and 490 pound-feet of torque in dyno testing. The 0-to-60 time of 4.8 seconds. This is not a numbers matching, but is the correct date code 426 Hemi. The 426 Hemi was built 20 over stock compression, Direct Connection pistons along with stylite valves and seats for unleaded gas. The overhauled 426 has just under 10,000 miles. The Superbird is running an 833 4-speed manual overdrive transmission, but the 18-spline trans comes with car. The overdrive trans makes it much more fun to drive. A 5-core radiator that looks and appears stock greatly helps keep it cool. The '70 Superbird is a 2nd owner car since 1982. The full history from day one is available upon request. This was a Chrysler Executive car out of Texas, and in 1971 became available through the Race Drivers Program.

In 2010 the Superbird was restored with new sheet metal from the doors back, trunk floor, wheel housings, rear panel, rear quarter panels. A complete prime to paint in Blue Metallic (B5). New interior carpet including sound deadener, seat covers front and rear, headliner, vinyl top and a very rare "Clear" front windshield. The front clip is an all sheetmetal nose cone. The dash is all original except for a new main body wiring harness. The tires have been upgraded to radial tires. Interior has the sporty front buckets, the classic 3-spoke sport wood steering wheel and Hurst Pistol Grip shifter. The finishing touches to the car include a Superbird decal on the wing's vertical struts, driver's side headlight cover, steering wheel insert, and door panels, which feature a picture of the Warner Brothers Roadrunner cartoon character holding a racing helmet. The final detail is a "beep-beep" horn.

The 1970 Plymouth Superbird, is an icon of engineering, and technology. The car represents a golden era of NASCAR racing. Today the Superbird is an ultra-rare vehicle with rising values a true collector car investment. You truly stand out by virtue of the Superbird's aggressive and outrageous styling. The '70 Superbird is unmistakable and unforgettable vintage muscle car icon of American history rooted firmly in the world of NASCAR racing.

Add this investor level Mopar to your collection for $525,000.00!

This vehicle is located in Edmonds, Washington.

4517 Willow Bend Dr
Arlington TX 76017
United States
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