1972 AMC Gremlin

Manchester, NH 03102
United States

1972 AMC Gremlin
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**Winter pricing on this unique and very fast Gremlin** Check out this screamer custom Gremlin V-8 with rebuilt 401 and original 904 transmission, which was originally special ordered as a Plain Jane 304 V8 Gremlin in Pea Green with a tan interior. From the start, this Gremlin was different from most V8 Gremlins, which were usually Gremlin X's. This car was bought off of Ebay in 1998 or 99 by a gentleman from Michigan and ultimately was where the car was shipped back to. The original shipping bill and the original dealer warranty certicard and paperwork is still in its original place - inside the original plastic folder inside the glove box. The car has always been super clean and has an all original interior etc. In the beginning, the original owner had it in his mind that he wanted a bad ass & super clean car that no one else was going to show up with at a cruise-in or car show. He took the entire car apart down to the bare shell and stripped the underside down completely to bare metal. The car was then painted by one of the best in Southern Michigan - Doug Stone, in 2003. (The paint and formula is with the car). The car was wet sanded 6 times before it was laid down and the car was then put back together with $10,000 in NOS trim and parts. The grille is a NOS Gremlin X along with the turn signal lenses, wheel lip mouldings, door handles, tail lights and lenses. The Gremlin gas cap is also new old stock, plus much more. (The paint alone was $20,000). The engine was done Professionally by Booth and Aarons machine shop in Berkley, Michigan. Wally Booth and Dicky Aarons were the High Performance Engineers for AMC back in the day. They developed the engine for the Rambler Scrambler, The Rebel Machine and the Pro Stock program for the 1969 and 1970 AMX Pro Stock Cars and this engine was custom built by them; a 401 engine with lots of custom little tricks done to the block and heads. The block was decked and honed. All burrs were removed from the original casting inside the intake valley area along with the rest of the internals. The intake lifter galley was painted to let the oil run back down into the oil pan faster. The engine is 30 over pump gas, but runs 93 Octane or higher if possible. The engine has special steel braided oil lines running from the front of the block to the back of the block for better oiling to prevent any catastrophic engine failure known to these engines under extreme use. (These are under the intake manifold). This engine has a special oil pump and pan and oiling system. The cam is a 474 Lift with 1.6 Roller rockers and custom hardened push rods. The heads have been done with porting and gasket matched. All new stainless steel valves. Custom valve springs were set up for this motor and forged pistons. The 401 crank was smoothed and shot peened and magna fluxed along with the rods and nitrated for strength. The crank journals were polished and cut 10. The rods and the rotating assembly were all balanced for maximum performance and faster rotating. The build cost for the engine was $10,000. All receipts and description of work done are with the car. It is recommended that only Brad Penn racing oil 20W-50W or any racing oil with 20W-50W is used with this car. Use a Wix filter only - it is recommended that Fram Filters not be used. The transmission is the original 904 that came with the car. It has been totally modified for this car and engine. It has many expensive aftermarket internal parts and all receipts. It has a custom valve body with a manual reverse shift pattern. D is first, second is second and first is third. You have to shift it down manually as the engine rpms call for you to shift without over revving it.. It has a custom Torque Converter specially made for this car from the cars specs. It has a 3800 stall. It uses B&M Trick Shift Blue transmission fluid and has a real nice transmission cooler. (It is recommended transmission fluid is not mixed with a

Manchester NH 03102
United States
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