1972 International Scout II 4x4

La Vergne, TN 37086
United States

1972 International
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Category  Heavy Equipment

We know you want this 1972 International Scout II because it looks tougher and is less common than just about any other capable classic 4x4 style classic SUV. So when you can get a package with the big V8 and a proper vintage style, you realize you've found the best companion for on or off-road.

We love International Harvester Scouts a little more than the other convertible 4x4s out there just because we know they represent old-school toughness. After all, you had to get them from the .....
same dealer that was selling industrial equipment, and this one seems to represent that feeling perfectly. The classic red has a nice gloss with a good overall robustness. And the way IH gave you a two-tone was when the 15-inch wagon wheels matched the white roof. This one is also attractive for the way it has been treated with care. Good chrome bumpers, complete trim (including the luggage rack,) and clean body panels all have a nice fit on a quality classic. And the trailer hitch on the back reminds you that this one was built to bring more of the fun with it wherever it goes.

One of the big reasons why these Scouts are so fun is that the hardtop is removable for a full convertible style. And this does a great job of maximizing the topless appeal. For starters, you have the classic seating still in place. What people find out when they replace the low-back seats with aftermarket pieces is that they stick up above the doorline and ruin the profile. So this is one of the few that keep the purer and more attractive style. This upholstery has received attention, including tweed cloth for where you sit. So it's easier to hop in on a sunny day when you're wearing shorts. Plus, the coated floor just seems ideal for cleaning out a day of being open to the world. As you look over the whole package, it just really strikes the right look for vintage lovers who also want something practical. Even the classic style AM/FM radio is still cranking out the tunes.

International's own optional 345 cubic-inch V8 means a unique presentation, and the Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor on top means a hardy motor that delivers serious torque. It's mated to a three-speed automatic transmission for easy driving. Plus, power steering, power brakes, and front discs add to this versatile feeling. The Scout's four-wheel-drive system is a stout Dana 20 two-speed transfer case that connects to Dana 44 axles at both ends. So, while this might look like a great original vehicle for Sunday cruising, just know that this one also has the right combo for true 4x4 toughness. But no matter where you drive it, this old-school SUV draws a crowd. In fact, Scouts hit that perfect sweet spot where they are not a common sight (since so not many are around in this condition,) but there were enough produced that you don't have to worry about finding spare components.

The sale comes complete with build receipts. You've always admired that cool adaptability where this Scout is just as comfortable out camping in the wild as it is a convertible cruising the boulevards. So when you can find one that's this solid and vintage, then you know you have to act fast. Call today!!!

La Vergne TN 37086
United States
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