1973 Ford Bronco 4X4

Fort Worth, TX 76137
United States

1973 Ford
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Bombs away!!! Wrapped in a custom B-29 Bomber style vinyl treatment that sends every fascist ruZZki conscript running for his cold borscht, this Bronco's curb appeal is operating at another level. Wrap job aside, there are hardcore Bronco underpinnings underneath all that flash, including a solid body sitting atop a lifted suspension, a strong 302 V8 under the hood, and solid options like power steering, power brakes, and an automatic transmission with a column shifter. Early Ford Broncos .....
pretty much created the modern SUV craze, and although there were a couple others that came before it, few combined utility, rugged good looks, and go-anywhere capabilities as well as the Ford. This 1973 Ford Bronco 4x4 might look like a unique example of the breed, but we assure you it's 100% Built Ford Tough.

Part of the Bronco's appeal is most definitely the tall, boxy look we've all come to love after all these years. Not too big, not too small, but just right to be comfortable yet maneuverable. Then there's the classic upright profile that's instantly identifiable from a mile away, even when it's been wrapped in a custom outfit like this one. Of course, this one has been augmented with bolt-on goodies that include those wide fender flares to cover the oversized Toyo rubber, a heavy-duty front bumper with a giant Badland winch mounted in the center, and the faux Shaker-style hood scoop on the bonnet. There's also an LED lightbar mounted above the windshield, as is the style these days, and those heavy-duty stepbars at the flanks have a really cool, unique design that can account for even the widest of Red Wing boots. Black diamond plate armor over the rockers protects the Bronc's most vulnerable areas, there's a simple straight bumper out back, and that removable hardtop was sprayed with black bedliner material that looks tough and wears like iron. The wrap is certainly esoteric, especially towards the back where it takes on a bit of a taxi-cab theme, but it can easily be removed and from what we can tell the bodywork underneath is solid. It's not covering a $20K paint job underneath or anything like that, and the custom wrap itself is flawed in a few areas, but the point remains that if this look isn't your cup of tea, another wrap or traditional paint job won't require much surgery, if any. and that roll bar has gone from safety feature to styling statement in this truck's case. The body panels are straight, the panels line up evenly, and the gaps are fairly even, which are all positives to brag on if you're familiar with Early Broncos and how ill-fitting so many of them can be. These trucks were notorious for rusting in the most demonic ways possible, but this one appears to have been clean from the get-go and today exhibits no obvious signs of trouble, up top or below. It's not run-of-the-mill or reserved, but it's definitely functional and a whole lot of fun.

The interior features a tasteful combination of old and new, without diminishing any of the truck's legendary functionality. The first thing you'll notice are the wide, leather bucket seats up front, obviously swapped-in from a late-model truck or SUV, and they've been outfitted with heavy-duty racing lapbelts. The cushions are all-day comfortable and the upholstery is in great shape, and even though they don't match the stock bench seat out back, adding a little comfort to an Early Bronco is a concept that I certainly won't argue. Black spray-in bedliner material protects the floors, there are bright diamond-plate door panel inserts at the flanks, and the original steel dash comes protected with a thick vinyl pad up top. A heavy-duty, six-point roll cage was added to stiffen the body and provide safety from any potential rollovers (in case that's how you like to throw down out on the trails), while the leather-rimmed billet steering wheel and column-shifter for the automatic transmission are welcomed luxurious not typically found in a Bronco of this vintage. The stock, all-in-one round gauge remains to the left of the wheel, although a trio of auxiliary units were added below the dash to better monitor the engine, and the modern JVC AM/FM/CD/BT/AUX head unit in the center sounds great through the upgraded speakers mounted in the doors. This truck also includes a snug-fitting hardtop, so there's always the option of open-air motoring, although you'll need 2-3 of your burly friends to help take it off because these babies are heavy.

Many Early Broncos were saddled with a slight inline-six, but this one is powered by a the mighty 302 V8 small block. Running great and looking clean, it includes goodies like an Edelbrock carburetor and performance intake manifold, lots of maintained accessories, and an upgraded MSD distributor and ignition that will probably even fire underwater. Dressed up with black 'Powered by Ford' valve covers and a matching Edelbrock air cleaner, the engine bay has a functional look that's only a little flashy, and power steering makes it easy to wheel around the underbrush. There's also a big radiator up front that means slow-going in the rough isn't a problem, and power front disc brakes help stop the truck on a dime. Underneath, it's fully equipped with a C4 3-speed automatic transmission, a 2-speed transfer case, beefy axles fore and aft, a steering stabilizer, and upgraded shocks on the lift kit that allows the use of giant 35/12.5/18 Toyo off-road tires and Fuel beadlock wheels that look like they could climb a wall.

If you're looking for a turn-key Early Bronco with an incredibly unique look, this one is ready to roll and built for fun. You can leave the show fields to the other guys and just get busy having fun in the dirt thanks to this truck's awesome build. Call today!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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