1973 Plymouth Scamp

Greene, IA 50636
United States

1973 Plymouth Scamp
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Take a look at this! What we've got here is a name you don't hear very often, much less see a clean example of. This one-owner, 1973 Plymouth Valiant ""Scamp"" is a neat little car, and its powertrain dictates that it isn't a very lazy one. It also has plenty of life left in it, clocking in with only 75,976 original miles. This one comes with loads of features, very highly optioned from the factory. What makes this Scamp as cool as it is its unique, bright blue paint and .....
working factory AM pushbutton radio. Now, the Scamp's story starts in 1971, when Chrysler's Plymouth division wanted to have its own version of the highly-popular Dodge Dart Swinger. As a result, Plymouth created the Scamp, based on the Plymouth Valiant. This Scamp is powered by the classic 318 C.I. V8 that breathes through a 2-barrel carburetor, providing perfectly ample amounts of power. Torque from that 318 gets to the rear end through a 3-speed automatic transmission on the column, making this Scamp a great cruiser. This Scamp has a really striking color combination, covered in original, stunning bright-blue paint with a white vinyl top. The original interior matches the color scheme, as the blue vinyl bench seats are very comfortable and fight right in with the stock feeling of this car. Options fitted to the Scamp in question include air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, a working factory AM radio, factory gauges, seatbelts, and a nice-sounding exhaust. The car rides on some great-looking Chrysler rally wheels over some ""Ovation"" blackwall tires. It isn't very often you see a Plymouth Scamp, even less often that you see one that is as nice as the one you see here. This Scamp definitely won't last long in our showroom, so make sure that you're the person sitting behind the wheel when it goes.

VIN and Fender Tag decode as follows:
VIN- VH23G3B376660
Body Type V = Plymouth Valiant / Duster
Price Class H = High
Body Type 23 = 2 Door Hardtop
Engine GG = 318 C.I. 170HP(net) 2BBL 8 CYL
Year 3: = 1973
Sequence Number 376660 = 276,660th 1973 Plymouth built

E44: 318-2 barrel V8
D34: TorqueFlite automatic transmission
V = Plymouth Valiant / Duster
H = High
23 = 2 Door Hardtop
G = 318 C.I. 170HP(net) 1-2BBL 8 CYL
3 = 1973 model year
B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
376660: Sequence number '376660'
TB3: ""Basin Street Blue"" paint
Trim Grade/Style/Color
E = Economy
2 = Vinyl Bench
D5 = Dark Blue
000: Upper door frame with full door panels
307: 3 / 07 / 1973 build date
255233: Order number 255233
V1W: Full vinyl top - white
U: Built to specifications for USA order
B41: Front disc brakes
G33: Left hand outside mirror - manual / chrome
H51: Single air with heater
J52: Inside hood release
L25: Trunk compartment light
L31: Hood / fender mounted turn signal
M21: Roof drip rail moldings
N76: Coolant recovery system
R11: ""Music Master"" AM radio
V5X: Black mouldings - protective insert body side
26: 26 in. radiator
EN1: End of codes, Assembly Line 1

Greene IA 50636
United States
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