1973 Triumph TR6 V8

Lutz, FL 33559
United States

1973 Triumph
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There has always been a little bit of an understanding that the Triumph TR6 is a bit more American than some of the other European drop-tops of its era. It's still unmistakably British with the svelte lines and Union Jack on the rear, but the bright chrome bumpers, Rally-style wheels, and kick-up in the door line make this feel a bit like a GM product. That line is blurred further on this special 1973 Triumph TR6. That's because there's a Chevy 327 cubic-inch V8 under the hood! It's quite a .....
unique combination that likes to be a bit incognito. However, once you know its secret, a few details make a bit more sense. There are some unique pieces, like Stewart Warner gauges, Lokar shifter, and the way the color looks like British Racing Green was given as much metallic as a Cadillac.


*Uniquely upgraded 327 cubic-inch V8

-Holley four-barrel carburetor
-Nice supporting components like an electric fan and new battery

*Three-speed automatic transmission

*Fully independent suspension

*Front disc brakes

*Distinct green color with a nice metallic glow in the sunshine

*Tan pinstripe

*Classic rear luggage rack

*Well-fitting soft top and roll-up windows

*Leather seats

*Lokar shifter

*Updated SW speedo and tach

Putting a V8 in the TR6 is not only fun because it already felt like a secret American, but also because it enhances the Triumph's already desirable driving setup. It has a well-built chassis that includes a fully independent suspension, and so you keep the inherent nimbleness even with a bit more brutish force up front. So the result makes this TR6 feel like an alternative design for the Corvette had they stuck to the C1's original European inspiration. It represents a well-finished custom that takes the design and dynamics you love and elevates them to robust small block fun. So when you have something this distinct and fun - and affordable - you know the deal is irresistible. Call today!!!

4610 PET LN STE 105
Lutz FL 33559
United States
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