1974 Chevrolet Corvette

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1974 Chevrolet Corvette
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The year 1974 was a rough year for American performance, with the fall out from the 1973 OPEC oil embargo still fresh in everyone's mind and new government emissions, the horsepower ratings of American V-8 engines plummeted. The base engine is the 1974 Corvette was an anemic 195hp 350CI V-8, a far fall from the base 300hp 350CI V-8 of only four years earlier. This left the Corvette in a unique position, as it still retained the flamboyant and performance oriented styling, but could no longer .....
provide the red hot performance that had so long been a hallmark of the Corvette. This beautiful 1974 Corvette pictured here has corrected that short coming courtesy of a freshly rebuilt engine that has been bored .030 over to produce 355CI and with upgraded carburetor, intake, ignition system, and exhaust system, and now produces that magic 300 horsepower number. Combined with a new 5-speed Tremec transmission, this Corvette is a joy to drive, and can cruise comfortably at highway speed while still returning good fuel economy. The sound emanating from the side pipes just below your ears is pure American muscle, and causes heads to turn even before you approach. With four wheel power disc brakes, power steering, and air conditioning, this Corvette is a daily driver option that will get you more attention than any newer sports car would. The entire car has been refinished in a gorgeous blue hue, and combined with the classic Chevrolet rallye wheels, white letter BFGs, and gleaming polished side pipes makes this car stand out in a parking lot like a shining beacon of Americana. Inside, freshly recovered leather bucket seats await you, power window glide up and down at the push of a button, the steering wheel adjusts for reach and tilt, and a period correct AM/FM/Cassette stereo plays Van Halen's greatest hits through custom speaker enclosures as loud as you want it to. Pop the removable T-tops, and take this amazing automobile for a spin. The clutch take up is just right, the shifter is rifle bolt precise, and the steering is right now quick. The envious stares, thumbs up, and horn honks you get while driving this classic are to many to count. Everyone loves to see a classic Corvette, and this one is a real attention grabber. Contact Brian at 352-307-1968, and put this Corvette in your garage today! Financing and transportation services are available!! FEES & TAX INFORMATION - We are a licensed dealer in the State of Florida and adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations concerning the sale of a used vehicle. All applicable taxes and fees will be charged accordingly as required by the State of Florida. A fee of $495.00 will be charged to process the vehicle.

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Ocala FL 34480
United States
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