1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Staunton, IL 62088
United States

1974 Volkswagen
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Available now is this 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle dressed in all yellow with chrome accents. This Beetle is powered by the 1600cc engine mated to the rare Autostick automatic transmission. The interior is finished in black and in overall great condition. The seats have all been redone including new seat cushions in front and rear seats. The body and paint are in very good condition with some paint imperfections. The VW runs and drives well and with the autostick transmission, this is a rare .....
Beetle to get ahold of.

General information on the model year 1974 VW Super Beetle:
The 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Autostick was a semi-automatic transmission that was offered as an option on the Beetle and Super Beetle models. It was a three-speed manual transmission that was coupled with a vacuum-operated automatic clutch. The top of the gear shift was designed to easily depress and activate an electric switch, i.e. when engaged by the driver's hand. When pressed, the switch operated a 12-volt solenoid, in turn, operating the vacuum clutch servo, thus disengaging the clutch and allowing shifting between gears.

The Autostick transmission was designed to give drivers the best of both worlds: the fuel efficiency and economy of a manual transmission, with the convenience of an automatic. It was also said to be more engaging to drive than a traditional automatic transmission, as the driver could still select gears manually.

The Autostick transmission was not without its critics, however. Some drivers complained that it was not as smooth as a traditional automatic transmission, and that it could be difficult to shift gears smoothly at low speeds. Others said that the Autostick transmission was not as fuel-efficient as a manual transmission.

Despite these criticisms, the Autostick transmission was a popular option on the Beetle and Super Beetle models. It was offered from 1974 to 1979, and was available on both 1600cc and 1675cc engines.

Today, the 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Autostick is a relatively rare car. It is not as common as the standard manual Beetle or the automatic Beetle, and as a result, it can command a premium price. If you are looking for a unique and interesting Beetle, the Autostick is a great option.

Staunton IL 62088
United States
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