1974 Volkswagen Type 2 15 Window Transporter

Concord, NC 28027
United States

1974 Volkswagen
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Is there any vehicle with as many stories to tell as the VW Microbus? The VW bus has done the camper, transporter, pickup truck, house on wheels, tour guide, whatever it is. This dialed-in 1974 Volkswagen Type 2 15-Window Transporter is a wonderful way to grab all that history and keep it for yourself " wrapped in a familiar yet incredibly stylish 15-Window body.

The former owners of this Bus have lavished a lot of time and attention preserving, restoring, and caring for this VW .....
throughout the years, and the results are pretty impressive. It's not low-key with its Lotus White-over-Chrome Yellow paint scheme, curtain-covered windows, and teakwood ladders and roof racks, but the good-looking, driver-grade paint isn't the only thing that this VW is about. Instead, it's about details, and here there are many. First and foremost, you'll note all the windows " 15 in total " that instantly make this Bus more valuable, not to mention incredibly good-looking. Splitties (split front windshield) are the most sought-after and most valuable VWs as well, and even though the Germans ditched the design after 1967, DeLuxe models like this 1974 Bus (not available in Europe) kept the highly-desirable look up front, making this first-year Type 2 one of the best examples to own. Not only do they mimic the look of the 1st generation Microbus (without all the headaches of 1960s build quality), but they look the best and are significantly lighter than the loaves of bread that came after. So, as a rule of thumb, count the windows " the more there are, the more valuable the Bus is, and this rare beauty has 15 of them. Also note the clean, unadorned lines on the body that are accentuated by straight, original bodywork - not hippie art or silly graphics - and the smooth, shiny driver-quality paintwork that shows incredibly well on this icon. The paint was applied many years ago, and it does have a very light patina acquired in the subsequent years, and even though it's not a perfect trailer queen today, any owner would be proud to show this beauty off. We may be underselling it because it still has a lovely shine, great depth, and a very nice, uniform presentation. That gorgeous red pinstripe that separates the two colors is the perfect line of demarcation between the competing shades. Components like the painted white bumpers and a big chrome VW emblem in the center of the front end are trademarks that VW faithful can recognize from a mile away, and all those windows make it as bright and airy inside as you'd expect. The swooping, bright trim that starts at the nose and wraps around the top half of the body is in good shape, showing off a slight haze in some spots that only adds a little extra character to this Bus.

With a spacious cabin that's been impeccably cared for through the years, the interior offers great two-tone colors and spacious accommodations for several passengers, and the classic style is always impressive. The White-and-Gray vinyl split-bench seat up front sets the tone, and there are two more matching benches waaaay in the back, all of which are in great shape with excellent springs inside. The seats are covered in an uber-durable vinyl upholstery that resembles cloth. The soft colors on the seats and matching two-tone door panels complement the exterior perfectly. All the side panels were covered in two-tone vinyl to keep the color theme inside and give the cabin a finished look. The taut white headliner overhead and tough indoor/outdoor carpeting covering the floors underneath keep everything well-insulated and authentic inside. Ornate privacy curtains were expertly stitched and purposely selected to match the interior and add a touch of home, making the cabin an exceptional place to spend some time. The front seats offer a commanding view of the road completely free of obstructions, and the bus-like driving position is very comfortable for long trips, which is what these buses were designed to do. The dash is mostly stock, with the factory speedometer ahead of the driver, the fuel gauge just to the left, and the grab handle down on the other side. That upright original steering wheel was fully restored and feels great in the hands of the driver, and a tall shifter juts out from the floorboard and manages the 4-speed manual transmission below. In addition to the rear bench seats, there's a large and nicely upholstered package shelf/storage area atop the engine bay in the back that is often used as a bed, a space for 'alternative herbal reflection', or whatever else floats your boat.

The engine powering this Splittie is a relatively high-performance version of the Beetle's venerable flat-four. Displacing 1600cc, it's big enough to provide some added punch without sacrificing reliability. With signs of maintenance throughout, it breathes easily, fires on demand, and pulls strong, which means more power and reliability. A winding exhaust system extracts every bit of horsepower from the little boxer engine, and it has a great note that's instantly familiar and will bring a smile to your face. The underside is relatively stable, although we can see a few patch panels and minor rust. The torsion bar front end keeps the Bus tracking true, strong shocks help set the stance, and the 4-speed manual transmission means it's a lot of fun to drive. Vintage steel wheels adorned with white hubcaps look sporty and are wrapped with 5.60-15 rubber with plenty of tread.

If you're a fan of VW buses, this 15-Window Type 2 is great. Call today!

Concord NC 28027
United States
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