1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab

Lutz, FL 33559
United States

1974 Volkswagen
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This 1974 Volkswagen Single Cab Pickup is a freshly restored Brazilian import. It gives you plenty of classic style mixed with the kind of details that are part of the VW traditions that are uniquely South American. So it's a stylish way to transport something unique, and quite frankly, this pickup will get a ton of attention all on its own.

The classic front end is always an attention-getter, and the white of the two-tone dives deep into the center to really showcase the style. .....
In fact, the full paint package is thoughtfully done where you have cool details intertwining color, like the blue VW logo up front as well as the white bumpers and wheels low on this pickup. And it's all part of a glossy presentation that comes from a fresh restoration. While the VW pickup was born out of a sense of utility, this one just seems to add plenty of style on top of it. For example, the traditionally steel sides of the bed are now done in wood. So what was once purely functional is now positively beautiful. And the bed floor has more lumber done in the same high-gloss finish. There's even real wood on the bright roof rack. The result is the kind of truck that you just know will be a terrific way to promote your business or transport collectibles. And we bet there's a bunch of you who just know how good a surfboard would look in the back of this pickup.

The interior has a classic feel with the dual-spoke steering wheel, tall gear shift, and bright white dash with parcel tray underneath. But a fresh restoration means a fresh feeling throughout. It also means good upgrades like plush full carpeting, well-done door panels, fresh weather-stripping, supple ultra-leather upholstery, and proper shoulder belts. And not only does the split windshield vent, but the rear glass does, too. So you have a terrific way to let the air flow through the cab as you listen to the classic air-cooled motor hum.

Under the rear hatch is VW's famous flat-four motor. It has the same extra-fresh look as the rest of this pickup, and that means both something that you can show off and a powerhouse that loves to run. The freshness extends through the full drivetrain and undercarriage. So you have a classic that shifts crisply with the four-speed and feels confident on the road. You even have a better grip thanks to modern tires.

A restored and upgraded VW like this means a ton of beauty without losing its functional side. So you know a unique Brazilian import is going to attract a ton of the right attention. Call today!!!

4610 PET LN STE 105
Lutz FL 33559
United States
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