1981 Chevrolet K10 Silverado 4x4

Phoenix, AZ 85204
United States

1981 Chevrolet
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This 1981 Chevrolet K10 Silverado nails it with style and substance. It's a sharp-looking 4x4 with upgraded big block V8 power, four-on-the-floor, a well-done interior, and an off-road ready attitude.

The electric-like blue is an instant attention-grabber. It has a nice shine to highlight the straight body panels and really get this truck noticed for more than just its tall stance. But while this is an attractive classic that can get attention at the shows, you'll also see it never .....
wants to get so fancy that you won't enjoy the benefits of a true truck. In fact, some of the best brightwork also shows some of the handiest features. You have a diamond plate rear step bumper, wide towing mirrors, and a terrific set of outlaw-style wheels that hold the beefier tires. And not only is that polished roll bar the ideal addition for a tall short bed 4x4, but it also has an LED light bar so you know you can turn night into day whenever you want.

The interior looks clean, vintage, and comfy. The fundamentals including the bench seat, carpeting, dash pad, headliner, and door panels all have an inviting presentation from a solid and more recent investment. You may want to service the air conditioning, add a stereo, or improve some other details, but nothing gets in the way of this looking and feeling impressive from day one. You get nice features like power windows, the Silverado's wraparound dash, a tilt steering column, and a nice grip on the tall shifter.

Under the hood is extra Chevy power. This was upgraded to a 396 cubic-inch V8, and the big block inhales deeply with a Rochester four-barrel carburetor and an Edelbrock aluminum intake. The motor has a clean and tidy style, and you'll even spot newer supporting components such as the power brake booster. The V8 is a strong runner, and the growl of the header-fed dual exhaust lets everyone know you have a power pickup. The two-speed 4x4 transfer case, Warn locking hubs, Rancho shocks, and Ironman All Country M/T tires make sure this pickup can get through Mother Nature. Plus, Saginaw four-speed manual transmission has a low granny first gear to give you big torque right from the start. There's also power steering, power brakes, and front discs for a solid setup to enjoy this vintage K10 on the pavement.

Complete with the owner's manual, this cool classic 4x4 pickup combines glossy style, big block V8 power, and plenty of utility to make an irresistible total package. Don't miss out, call today!

Phoenix AZ 85204
United States
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