1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi

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1981 Ferrari
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Here it is, the supercar that made Tom Selleck's swarthy moustache available to the world. Few exotics can compete with the magic of Ferrari to stir the souls of automotive fans around the world. For those of you hoping to gain entry to this highly exclusive club, or just have Magnum P.I. fantasies like me, we're proud to offer this beautiful 1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi " a first-class ticket with great service records and an impeccable history. With a long term owner, a freshened paint job, .....
and several major services completed, this is one of the few vintage Ferarris you can actually buy and drive straight away. Plus, it's in such great shape you can show it at just about any show and get plenty of attention.

Repainted in its original shade of Rosso Corsa, this Ferrari is pretty much always the biggest head-turner out on the road. With an angular body that defined '80s supercars, the 308 GTS was the Ferrari for the man who didn't want to compromise practicality for performance. Of course, any vintage Ferrari is a stunning performer, with thrilling sounds and a character that no other manufacturer has ever been able to duplicate. The refinish is about five years ago, so it shows some signs of use here and there, but a buff and polish would surely bring the paint back up a notch, although it still shows really nicely in person as a top-end driver. Regardless, It was never repainted to then be encased in some museum, so the purists will quickly find an issue or two to complain about it anyway, but with so few miles and the careful doting of its owner, this 308 look way better than most of its contemporaries. All of Bertone's original folds and creases remain intact and other details like the rubber, grilles, and plastic lenses are similarly well preserved, and of note, this car still wears all of its correct badges. So, while EVERYONE will recognize you in this car, the experts will recognize that it's an exceptionally nice 308 GTSi. All the black rubber bits are decently preserved originals too, with no signs of major UV damage or fading like you see on all the Ferraris from Miami. The only variation from stock is a tautly stretched, carbon-fiber style wrap on the targa top and rear spoiler, along with the blacked-out wheels, but we have to admit those slight changes makes this 'Rari look a lot more sinister.

Inside, the gorgeous tan leather interior is exactly what you'd expect from your Ferrari: Deeply sculpted bucket seats, that iconic chrome gated shifter that clangs through the gears like a bolt-action rifle, and that purring V8 just behind your shoulder blades. It remains in exceptional condition today, with only very minor signs of use and age. The leather is supple, the dashboard hasn't faded or cracked, and the carpets show very little wear considering that this car has always been enjoyed. The woodrimmed Momo Veloce steering wheel connects you to the road in a way that you probably haven't experienced before, and you'll never get tired of watching the traditional black and white gauges do their dance as the engine sings its song. A Kenwood AM/FM/CD head unit was neatly installed and provides all the entertainment you'll ever need (as if that motor isn't enough), and the center console was upgraded with carbon-fiber trim on the bezel. Options include power windows and power locks, along with factory air conditioning (however the compressor looks to need a service), and if open air cruising is your thing, the targa top pops off with ease and transforms the profile of this beautiful 308.

Ferrari's lovely 2.9 liter V8 might seem a bit diminutive, until you fire it up. In 1981, the GTSi was the top version if you're looking at 308s (although some may argue in favor of the lower production fiberglass GTB, I'll take the steel body and wet sump engine of the GTSi 10 times out of 10), and it really is the only one to consider of the pre-Quattrovalvole 308s. The small ""i"" stands for fuel-injection, specifically the Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical system that was introduced a year prior and decreased the car's emissions. It also drops power slightly to 214bhp, but it's still a high-revving, deep-breathing powerplant from the company with more Formula 1 wins than just about anyone else. Performance is breathtaking, but more than that, it's the overall balance of the car, which is agile without feeling skittish and somehow comfortable without being soft. And with plenty of maintenance completed throughout the years, including a recent belt job, brake system upgrade, a rebuilt water pump, an updated fuse box, and updated cooling fans it's a motor that's ready to dominate for decades to come. It will carve canyons, yet happily cruise down the highway, and thanks to the 5-speed's tall top gear, it actually pulls down decent gas mileage if you can keep your foot out of it. Finishing the look, upgraded 5-spoke Ferrari black alloys are in great condition and wear 205/55/16 front and 225/50/16 rear Continental performance radials all-around.

Documented with its original owner's manuals, maintenance records, and car cover, this is the best version of arguably the most iconic Ferrari ever built, and it turns out that it's an awesome road car, too. Call now!

Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
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